Why should you use Magento for your new Ecomm Store

eCommerce websites are the new storefronts for millions of people addicted to materialism. As a business, you can leverage this to create a sustainable environment for your consumers, not only to illuminate them with your product line but also to aid them to choose the best products by making an eCommerce website that is responsive, flexible, SEO optimized, cross-platform compatible with a seamless checkout option. Magento can be your platform to start with, but before jumping into the perks of Magento for your eCommerce store let us understand what exactly is eCommerce development.


Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to any kind of business or commercial transaction, bartering information that involves the usage of the Internet. It covers a spectrum of various kinds of businesses, from customer based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to commercial exchanges trading goods and services between corporations.

Ecommerce is presently pioneering as the most important aspect of the Internet to emerge.

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Magento proves to be one of the most effectual and alluring e-commerce application around the world. Magento development is more preferred by e-commerce businesses and is considered to be the best e-comm platform. The sole reason is that it offers a plethora of benefits that makes it hard to give up its applications on an e-commerce site.

Extremely supple, scalable and convenient in usage, one can build a legitimate online store by using Magento frameworks. It allows a developer to add and append almost everything to a site. Apart from that, you can personalise the site as per the client’s requirement.

In addition to all these, Magento development services help an e-commerce business in the given ways:


It has been popular since the year of 2008 pertaining to the position of the best e-commerce software solution for internet vendors. Magento is consistently developing and improvising. It is working on to grab a bigger portion of the market. Magento e-solutions are utilized by more than 250,000 merchants across the world.


In terms of varied currency, linguistics, taxes, discounts and coupons, innumerable types of reports, Magento stays unparalleled. It is very convenient at varying prices whether it is for a particular range of products or for a single item in your store.

Magento is a properly-developed platform with the capability of being tweak. Orders and invoices can be configured, shipments and checkouts can be personally assorted, keep a tab on the current orders’ statuses in a one particular admin panel.

Magento provides an instinctive and smooth backend administration and innumerable useful features in frontend for the customers to be satisfied with the process of shopping. Admin panel is best suited to use and maintain, giving unparalleled functionality.


It is open-source, Magento website development being voluntarily available yields to a wide usage among the developers across the globe for building commercial websites with well-arranged functions. Magento website development also confers on consistent growth visibility. There is zero significant cost to utilize Magento website development features. This has significantly led to a rise in the usage of this platform in contemporary years.


Magento e-commerce development authorizes a developer to ingrain several new features and latest methodologies to an e-commerce site. Its high flexibility makes sure that there can be more convenient customization of shopping carts, online products and several others.


The SEO features of Magento e-Commerce development confirms that you are provided with plenty of options for URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, descriptions, keywords etc. Magento comprises an in-built SEO features that help in the optimization of search engine results and improves the website position.


Magento e-Commerce development makes its availability on mobile devices too. That is how it helps in attracting more prospective customers to the e-portal.

For a small business, it can choose to begin with a comparatively elemental community install and upgrade to Enterprise as it flourishes. Though there is a lot of effort involved in the upgradation, the fact stays that Magento is a scalable solution that diversifies to reach almost everyone.


This feature enables Magento e-Commerce developers to add shopping stores to the website, including millions of products and index to provide a satisfying shopping experience to all consumers.


The cross-browser services of Magento e-Commerce development enable access on a wide spectrum of browsers, hereby preventing any limitation on its usage.


Magento Connect is one of the world’s biggest e-Commerce application market-place. Magento development services easily concatenate with third-party programs and soft wares that are necessities for your business. There are also extensions and solutions available to incorporate your site with Google Analytics, Google Shopping, eBay and PayPal. The platform is also capable of integrating with CMS platforms like WordPress.


Magento e-Commerce services support multiple languages and a wide range of payment methods.


The Seamless Checkout option of Magento development services lets the customers avail a single checkout option for all the products in place of opting for checkout options for each one of them. This yields to a lesser number of empty shopping carts during checkout.


Magento feedback services ensure an effortless and simple communication between consumers, merchandisers and owners.


It is essential to choose the right technology platform while starting a business that will efficiently meet the demands and needs your company shall be going to face. You would also want it to begin with a good number of active and established users. When it is a small and local web designing company there are always a plethora of risks involved. In these cases, Magento with their good reputation is normally preferred by a good number of internet merchants.

The big community surrounding Magento means that you, as a merchant, can really deal with technological advancements much faster than the time you would invest if you were developing that functionality all this while on your own. The community has more than 150,000 developers worldwide thus ensuring you to always have profound support and assistance.

Irrespective of the size of the company you possess, you don’t need to worry over running out of features and numerous plugins provided by the Magento’s community. It’s primarily because you always have someone else doing development work while you can get to finally focus and work on your business.

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Why should you use Magento for your new Ecomm Store

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