Innovation & Learning

We have always believed that innovation comes from good motivation, which employees here never fall short of. Neuronimbus has always been about promoting the culture of innovation, simplicity & quality. Witness to which is our Fostering Innovations program, under which we reward & support innovative tech ideas by our employees. This helps our employees thrive to master innovation using technology in its true sense.

The Dream

We have, on many occasions, wanted to be a part of the 'DreamTeam' - the group that always go the extra mile. Neuronimbus is one such group that has always being both our client's first choice & our employees best. Being a people's company Neuronimbus has always provisioned methods that motivate us to go beyond our regular skills set.

In over 20 years of serving digital solutions, we have seen many cross-function/cross-departments jumps by people willing to give learning a shot.

'The strongest statement that we can make is our own story as a company'
Neuronimbus in 2003 started as a web design company, with a constant zeal to explore, innovate & improve, we upgraded to a full-scale digital enablement solutions company. Now with a new target towards AI/ML-enabled solutions.