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In the constantly evolving industry of computers and software, Internet has taken everything to the next level of success and achievement. A range of websites is being developed every single day with startups already in the lineup to blossom in their respective business. With such advancements, there will surely be a dark side to it.[…]

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Web Design Trends 2017

As technology advances and turns out to be more ingrained into each aspect of our everyday lives, users are expecting more and more from their online user experiences. Subjective, interactive, as well as relevant are 3 keywords which users want from their user experiences. This eventually means web designers working in web design agencies, nowadays[…]

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Nature Fresh Campaign: Social Media Marketing Campaign Case Study India

With the objective of spreading awareness around the benefits of consuming low fat cooking oil, Neuronimbus Software Services started a campaign for Nature Fresh Acti Lite. The objective of the Nature Fresh Campaign was to generate, sustain and amplify the interest of fans around it. The methodology adapted for the Nature Fresh Campaign included two of[…]

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