Digital Solutions Simplified

We are an offshore digital solutions company in India that believes the world of jargons and complex dictionary is best left to board rooms. We believe in building web solutions and mobile solutions that are simple, effective and do the job they are meant to do.

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Web Design

Web design and development…built to evolve

Web Design Strategy

The website that is built with a purpose and works to achieve a business objective of a company

UI and UX

It's the age of the functional web, your website needs to have the user experience of a winner with a simple yet comprehensible web design

Web Technology

With expertise in wide rage of technology stacks be sure to have the right web technology put to work for you

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Business Application

A consultative approach towards building custom business applications

Ability to understand your business

The ability to connect, relate to a business problem and build the right solution for your website.

Built with agility

Our creative approach to web application development allows for nimble and flexible development, both for your company and your website.

Moving across platforms

From web application development to enterprise mobile app sphere, we can transcend across to give a complete solution

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Mobile Solution

Building for the hottest and most important consumer real estate

Consulting for the mobile economy

Working with organizations of all scale and sizes and helping them out source design strategies and plans for going mobile

Getting the enterprise on mobile

With a clear focus on enterprise mobile applications, we are building solutions and services in the B2C and B2B space

iOS and Android

We have significant tech capabilities to design and deliver robust mobile applications offshore, for the iOS and Android platforms

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Digital Marketing

Helping businesses work through the labyrinth of online and mobile marketing

Search engine marketing

Making sure that our clients tap into the most cost effective source of marketing and generate marketing results

Social Media Marketing

With a detailed view of what works, we are working with brands to get the biggest bang for buck through social media

Digital Media

Starting from Google Adwords and all the way to Mobile advertising, our digital marketing team will leverage everything that will work for you

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