great minds think differently

The name “Neuronimbus” signifies a collection of best minds. Nurturing talent is intrinsic to our DNA and we believe diversity creates more opportunity for success. The core belief is provide ample opportunities for every employee to learn, grow and contribute to the collective goal of being the best digital solutions company. Its not about the size of the company but the passion of doing something exciting that drives us. Neuronimbus is unique as believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to try something new and to explore what they are good at. These are not just words but a practice that is put to use everyday.

welcome to our world

Working at Neuronimbus goes far beyond just having a job to make ends meet. With a job at our company, you have exciting new possibilities to follow your curiosity wherever it takes you.

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Our people are the key drivers of the Neuronimbus’s core philosophy of Innovation, Simplicity and Quality. Join the family, to explore unprecedented opportunities and discover a purpose in life.