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Hitesh Dhawan Aug 01, 2017

When to Redesign Your Website – 6 Reasons

Website is an identity of you or your brand in the virtual world. A website speaks about you, your work, your services and your products. A website plays a significant role in how your brand, organization or company is looked at. Redesigning your website is not a simple task. This decision cannot be made in rush, the website is as important as the product or service you are invested in.

Your website is a valuable tool which helps you stay connected with your clients and customers, generate more leads, drive more business and build strong credibility.

Redesigning a website is one of the last things you should think about. When you think about redesigning your website, consider the factors that are leading to this decision. Are they relevant? Does your website really need a change? What do you want to change about the website? Is it difficult for users or clients to browse your website? The list of questions can go on, and you need to know the answer to every question to make the right decision of redesigning your website.

Redesigning a website requires time, money and ideas. Consider redesigning your website as changing the interior design of your office. Sometimes, even a slight change can make a positive or negative impact.

6 reasons when you should think to redesign your website

Website is outdated

Today, most of the business owners prefer a website that gives them as well as their users ease. To serve this, a website should be clean yet pleasing. Get rid of an outdated version of your website, the one that you started off your web presence with. If you haven’t updated your website in the last 24 months, then it is time to redesign it. Check the present website design trends and see where your website stands on the scale.

Your website is not responsive

Having a responsive website means that your website’s design and content can adjust according to the size of the screen you are browsing it on. In today’s world, over 50.3% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. If your website is responsive it will be easy for users to navigate. A responsive website design will provide a seamless experience to all your users on all kinds of devices.

Your website is not a reflection of your brand

To maintain a strong brand image on the web, it is essential that your website reflects what you do. If your website cannot represent your brand well or the way it should, then you should think about redesigning your website. A website should portray your brand just like your brand logo does. The website must speak for you and your services.

Your website is not SEO friendly

Search engine optimization, or as you commonly know it as SEO, is a way of letting search engines know about your content and your website. SEO helps in getting a good rank on search engines. This is the main reason your website should be SEO-friendly. Using proper keywords in your content, optimizing images with alt tags, and using web page titles well are all part of SEO.

Revamp if your website is slow

Nobody likes a website which is slow. It is frustrating when you want to open a specific web page and it takes ages to open. This applies on every device on which your user can open the website. A website which loads quickly makes users happy. It will make you happy as well.

Your services or products have changed

There must be a difference in the services and products you catered to your users from what you are serving now. An updated website must showcase your present stock, products and services offered. Redesign your website to tell your present users and prospective users about your new products and services.

Your website is a way to drive business. If it is not boosting your business, then you need to think about redesigning your website. Keep in mind to enhance and use your website to maximize the opportunities it brings to you. Let the new designs define a smooth and clean website for you.

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