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Website Design Trends that are shaping up 2016

Changing times have seen an altogether different approach towards website design. From complicated to simple and subtle designs, from over the top to calm yet vibrant shades and a lot more.

Let’s look in detail as to what the year 2016 has to offer when it comes to website design.

1) The first thing that influences a user on the website definitely has to be top notch and thus, UI is the one factor which needs attention.

  • Hamburger menu:

One of the most common and useful trends being followed today Along with a huge fan following, there are some critics to this as well, but the fans win it over anyways. We cannot see the hamburger going away from websites and apps anytime soon. It’s definitely here to stay.

  • Long Scroll:

All important things above the fold are now only a thing of the past. With long scrolls in mobile apps, people are now accustomed to them and their introduction in websites is a definitely a thing of the present.

  • Card layouts:

Informational bite size chunks for a perfect first glance, is what defines a card layout on the website. With all the necessary information in one go, they are definitely making it hot in the design trends.

  • Hero images:

Influential and high definition, hero images make people believe more in the products and services being sold also with advancement in bandwidth and data compression.

2) You have two options – A dull website which does not interact with the users or a website which tells its own story with animations. Which one would you prefer? Unless the situation demands you to say first option, you sure will stick to the second one. Let’s have a look at the animations that are influencing the designs this year.

  • Loading animations

Keeping a simple loading animation matching with the color scheme of your website is a good option to make it interesting for the users in an otherwise boring experience.

  • Hover text and animations

It helps users get an instant visual feedback about the products and things present on the website and gives the website a more interactive and intuitive feel.

  • Motion animations:

Moving things grab our attention the most and therefore motion animation on a website is a very good idea. Not only it draws a user’s attention but also lets them feel in control.

  • Background videos and animations

Adding slow moving animations and videos carefully so that the user is not distracted and still it adds visibility to the website is a perfect way of using them to attract more users.

3) Material design – A language with a successful combination of design, innovation and technology, created by Google itself. The language provides a unified user experience across all their products and any other platforms.

Material design has 3 principles:

– Material is the metaphor

The relationship between space and motion is defined using the material metaphor. Paper and ink have been considered as the inspirations behind technology and surfaces and edges provide visual cues that provide a better understanding beyond the physical world.

– Bold, Graphic, Intentional

Grids, typography, color, imagery etc. are considered not only visually appealing but also add a sense of meaning and focus.

– Motion provides meaning

Motion bridges the gap between what a user sees on screen and in real life. Providing familiarity allows the user to fully immerse into new and unfamiliar technology.

4) Responsive design – The reason behind the popularity of responsive designs is the wide usage of mobile phones, tablets etc. More people are switching to using mobile sites and this trend is in for the long haul. Also, relatively cheap, it is definitely a choice of various business owners.

5) Flat is the new trend in town

Compatibility with responsive design, material design etc. make flat designs a choice for various developers and users. Also, it adds elegance along with vibrant color schemes, shadows and ghost buttons to the usually boring designs.

Please feel free to share with us any other trends that you think are making it big this year.

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Founder of Neuronimbus, A digital evangelist, entrepreneur, mentor, digital tranformation expert. Two decades of providing digital solutions to brands around the world.

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Website Design Trends that are shaping up 2016

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