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Understanding the Nitty-Gritties of Android’s Latest Update – Marshmallow (Cont.…)

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Android Marshmallow Usability

A review without discussing the usability shall be rendered incomplete. Let’s get started with this last and the most important section.

Text Selection
Revamped as compared to Lollipop, the text selection is still clumsy and not perfect, but offers better usability. Instead of a temporary edit/share toolbar when highlighting text, Marshmallow offers a localized floating menu that offers three simple options: select all, copy and share.

Delete screenshots from notifications shade
This might not seem a feature that makes a considerable difference but it does. No wonder it saves time and reduces effort.

App links
The issue has been paid due attention in Marshmallow and now you don’t need to tell the system again and again to open certain links along with a particular app.

Silent Mode
Silent mode is back in Marshmallow with a confusing new volume setup. A single volume slid0r shows up on pressing the volume button and reveals ringer volume, media volume and alarm volume on expansion.

Direct Share
It is a new feature which allows you to share the content directly to a contact without reaching for the application initially. The feature although added for ease, is a rather confusing and not so apt, it feels like putting the message before the medium.

Double tap to launch camera
Already present in Nexus 5X and 6P models, the Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 9 devices received a feature to launch the camera by double tapping the power button. Although this mostly puts the device to sleep but sometimes may come in handy.

The Ruling
Marshmallow is undoubtedly better than its predecessor and provides an ease of use. A few extra layers have been added providing for a better usability with increased battery life and security. It isn’t perfect, but a great way to start for further enhancements and advancements. The beauty of marshmallow is not only on the surface but when you dig deep, will you be able to see all amazing things that are just beneath the surface.

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Understanding the Nitty-Gritties of Android’s Latest Update – Marshmallow (Cont.…)

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