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Top SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2020

Digital marketing has become imperative for all businesses because everything is online these days. From website ranking to promoting on social media, there are a lot of things that every company has to take care of these days.

If you want a robust online footprint, then you can approach a digital marketing company to get the work done. SEO is one of the significant and necessary parts of any website, as it is the one thing that impacts rankings. In this blog post, you are going to see and explore the SEO tools that will help in the auditing and monitoring process of a website.


SEMRush is another excellent SEO tool that will help in knowing the keywords, backlinks, and various other details of the competitor’s site. The device will give a complete audit check of every website, making it easy to monitor. The tool is helpful in various ways for the website owners than they can usually imagine.


  • The keyword research conducted by SEMRush is extensive. It ensures that you get the best keywords, which will surely rank better in SEO.
  • There are different plans in SEMRush, and other than the PRO plan, remaining all are pretty good. They are cost-effective.
  • You will get to know about a lot of details of your visitors with the help of SEMRush.
  • SEMRush acts like a one-stop solution for all the needs of a company that is offering search engine optimization services.


  • The user interface of SEMRush isn’t something that can be boasted. One should have experience in the industry to understand it.
  • Only one user should log in to an account at once. The tool prevents from multiple logins.
  • SEMRush is trying to expand its market, and hence it keeps on sending warnings to the subscribers so that it can keep them on the hook. This scenario isn’t delightful.
  • SEMRush has so many tools in it, and it is not easy to understand how they work for a beginner.

Webmaster Tool from Google

Google’s webmaster tool will allow you to see the website from the search engine perspective. Every search engine has some standards, and the sites have to meet it at any cost. It is not easy to know how the search engine sees your site and what the parameters that are affecting your ranking are. This scenario is where webmaster from Google comes into the picture. The tool will help in knowing the issues in your site from Google’s perspective so that you can make the necessary changes. It also gives page speed insights for both mobile and computer-based websites.


  • It is easy for you to identify a bad link on your website.
  • Search analytics function in webmaster tools is pretty high recently as it will help in finding the pages as well as the critical terms quickly.
  • The new fetch as Google tool is indeed a great way to know how effectively Google will fetch your page when it is searched for online.


The main disadvantage that most people observe is no frequent updating on the site. Google crawls the internet every day, but data analytics takes a lot of time to get updated.


Woorank is an essential tool that every company offering SEO services should own. It helps in analyzing the performance of websites. Woorank is good at providing detailed analysis of On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, backlinks, broken links, and locating of defective web pages too. There are free as well as premium versions of Woorank, and people can select the one that matches their requirements.


  • Woorank gives all the information that you need for your website. From basic analytics to any search engine optimization issues, everything can be derived at once with the help of Woorank. The digital marketing companies should just run the website via this platform once to know almost everything about their website.
  • Woorank takes care of all the SEO needs of a business. It is very dynamic and flexible. Be it large or small business, Woorank can serve pretty effectively.
  • The customer service is another thing that one has to remember when it comes to Woorank.


  • It will be a little bit hard to understand the ins and outs of SEO in Woorank.
  • The pricing of Woorank services is a little bit more when compared to the pricing of other competitors.
  • The platform supports a single user alone.

Website Grader from HubSpot

This tool was released by HubSpot way back in 2007. It helps in knowing various search engine optimization techniques that will improve the website’s ranking. The company kept on growing the tool and made it one of the most reliable tools out in the market right now. It gives personalized reports depending upon various factors. The entire registration process is pretty simple.


  • Works for all kinds of websites irrespective of their size.
  • It provides detailed analytics that will help in gauging the website’s performance.
  • Gives various suggestions that will help in optimizing the website effectively.


  • The pricing of Website Grader is something that you have to look out for the same.
  • The grader still needs some enhancement.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the best SEO audit tools that you can find in the market. They are useful and helpful in getting better rankings of a website.

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