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Top 7 Tech Trending in 2019 To Adapt & Adopt

As with everything else, for digital marketing as well, change is the only constant, even more so now that the world is moving at a much faster pace, thanks to digital innovations happening almost every day. Below we give you some tech trends that you may consider incorporating in your digital marketing strategies.

Virtual Reality

What is VR?

Virtual reality enables a user to experience virtually anything, anywhere, anytime. The Virtual Reality experience takes place within an immersive and simulated environment. These experiences can be different or similar to reality, and their applications can be for educational, marketing as well as entertainment purposes.

How Does VR Help in Marketing?

Virtual Reality enables the brand owners to present their services to the potential customers in an actively engaging way, right in front of their eyes, through an immersive experience which connects directly to the products and services, thereby providing valuable advantages.


In November 2015, The New York Times launched their VR-Application (NYT VR) featuring a documentary “The Displaced” and started a Virtual Reality campaign delivering a staggering one-million Google Cardboard glasses to their loyal subscribers. With over 60 videos, the average viewing time on the NYT VR app is close to 15 minutes, which proves how VR can enhance your consumers’ experience of the Brand.

Augmented Reality:

What is AR?

Augmented Reality is essentially a combination of the real and virtual worlds.

It creates an interactive experience of any real-world environment wherein the objects get enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. Few examples of AR would be PokemonGo, Google Sky Map, Lookator, etc.

How Does AR Help in Marketing?

Augmented Reality R, when used for marketing, increases user engagement with the brand through enhancing customer experience, through the overlaying of visual information on regular, familiar objects. This reinforces brand recognition, which gives you an edge over regular advertising. This creates divergence from your competitors, through the use of such innovative techniques that can be accessed across any smart device and can generate the expectation necessary to promote any product.


Since many people can’t read maps and are dependent on the blue dot moving along the direction of their movement, which more than often does not happen, it was announced in the Google I/O 2018, that the walking navigation functionality of the maps will be enhanced by AR, alongside visual overlays. There will also be an animated guide to help you find directions.


What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is an artificial- intelligence-based computer program that can conduct a conversation via audio or text. It is designed to mimic how a human would behave during a conversation. It reduces complexity and helps you to build the best possible messaging experience for your customers.

How Do Chatbots Help in Marketing?

Advanced Bots powered by artificial intelligence, can understand complex customer requests, personalize their responses, and also improve their interactions over time from the data acquired.

Chatbots help in sales, support, and marketing for a company to connect with its customers and therefore grow faster. Chatbots employed as customer messaging platforms can drive growth throughout the company’s life cycle with the help of integrated platforms and marketing automation.

Lead acquisition chatbots can qualify, filter, and route the online leads towards the right teams in real-time.


MamyPoko’s mascot Poko Chan is given life by integrating our intelligent chatbot ‘Neobot’ . This new version of Poko Chan created a personalised experience for it’s users with its conversational styles of communication so that the customers experience a more intuitive and interactive facilitation to purchase the product, than simply ‘Browse and Buy’.


What is Internet-of-Things?

The Internet of Things is how digital connectivity is extended into the physical devices as well as everyday objects through embedding electronics and other hardware forms which interact and communicate with the others over the internet and can be remotely controlled and monitored.

How Does IoT Help in Marketing?

Internet of Things is practically transforming competitive landscapes across the world as it instantly & remotely gets you connected. Digitalization, under such circumstances, becomes a key differentiator in enabling companies to compete. Using the massive volumes of IoT data garnered from the billions of intelligent devices, digitalization promises the improved quality of production, lower costs, efficiency, flexibility, shorter response for market demands as well as opening newer business opportunities.


Smart baby-monitors take advantage of IoT technology, which helps send information regarding the babies’ sleeping temperature, breathing, activity and body position to the caregiver’s or parent’s smartphones.


What is DevOps?

DevOps are software development practices which combine information technology and software development operations. This is done in order to shorten the development life cycle of the systems while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.

How Do DevOps Help in Marketing?

Marketers through DevOps get improved interdepartmental communication, as continuous feedback is generated, which can disseminate details on the impact of changes on the overall business goals. It helps marketers describe the customer benefits of any service product.

Marketing ads highlight the ensuring of quality by firms for programmed appliances, geared towards customers who deem the quality to be a purchase priority.

Marketers may pack strategic advantages into consistent messages with broad application, such as remarketing ads, white paper downloads, content marketing, etc., which may attract contractors and partners both.

Marketers can also establish clearer contexts of marketing analytics to help analysts in aligning metrics, reporting objectives and solution tags.


AdRoll, the global leader of retargeting, got help from DevOps in separating their website from their product and grew from a small start-up to a giant.

AdRoll built their software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for businesses to help capture user attention with the personalized ads that are based on that person’s internet activity. DevOps helped unclutter the two sides involved, namely tools marketing material and for logged-in users, and delegated work responsibility for each, allowing them individual growth.


What is Blockchain?

Blockchains are growing lists of records called blocks, linked with cryptography, where each block has a cryptographic hash, which contains a timestamp, data of the previous block, and transaction data. Blockchains by their design are resistant to data modifications.

How Does Blockchain Help in Marketing?

Blockchains can build transparency through simple financial reconciliation towards digital media buying. With the right kind of encryption, individuals may control their personal data.

Brands may send messages to the product owners through any product connected through blockchain.


Accenture is well known as a consulting company, which has now created blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions which allows new capabilities of commerce on the smart devices across the world.

Artificial Intelligence:

What is AI?

Just like all living beings exhibit intelligence, AI refers to the intelligence artificially induced into machines to make decisions on their own. AI gives us the ability to create machines that can react and work like humans.

Applications of AI are expert systems, machine vision speech recognition, data science, behaviour research and possibly many more things that we can’t even imagine.

How Does AI Help in Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence strategies may transform marketing through the transformation of data points into action-oriented marketing insights and increases the sales and marketing effectiveness for the development of business growth. AIs are used to create software that is easy to use for the leading companies that are aware of the key roles that streamlined operations and personalized customer experiences play in their success. Companies extensively using AI are getting benefitted by increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.


One of the very best examples of using AI in marketing is the product recommendation. E-commerce websites, social networking, media websites, blogs etc. use artificial intelligence for analyzing user activities on the internet, while recommending content and product with better relevance.

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Top 7 Tech Trending in 2019 To Adapt & Adopt

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