Hitesh Dhawan Mar 18, 2014

Top 5 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

Novices to SEO make mistakes either because they are not familiar with some SEO aspects or because they don’t understand them perfectly. As we all know that SEO is a fast changing industry and what worked some months ago might not work now, so to deal with such situation, an SEO expert is supposed be knowledgeable and well-informed about the latest developments in the relevant field.

Following are the top 5 common mistakes which should be avoided to be at the top of the search engine rankings –

  1. Targeting the wrong keywords – It’s difficult to overemphasize how essential it is to target the accurate keywords. Both search engines as well as consumers utilize them to spot your site.Targeting the incorrect keywords might still fetch a lot of web traffic, however those customers probably aren’t going to convert, as they’re probably not in search of precisely what you’re offering.If your conversions aren’t where they should be, you can be in big trouble. Ensure you’re targeting words as well as phrases that people type, when they’re in search of a website like yours. This might appear to be obvious, however few companies target keywords that they consider are related to their website. Actually, those keywords might not be appropriate and kill their conversions eventually.
  2. Duplicate Content – A duplicate content on a site can be extremely harmful for your website in SEO process. It confuses the search engines, not realizing which versions to find for search queries, which to exclude or include from indexes, etc. causing yet again, a decrease in page rankings as well as web traffic.
  3. Not using exclusive Title & Meta Descriptions – The title tag is one of the significant on-page SEO factors, therefore you should never have the similar page titles on all pages. Your page titles should be out of the ordinary and express the content on that page, this means, and the title should tell everybody surfing the net what info that page consist of.One more common mistake is paying no attention to META descriptions. Meta descriptions are when you get to inform those searching precisely what you have to offer inside the 160 character limit. Therefore, make sure to have your META descriptions as explanatory and as impressive as possible.
  4. Doing the traditional SEO – SEO is rapidly evolving into a lot more than a simple onsite tweak of your meta data or changing title headers to establish content connection to Google. It’s essential to be in touch of the larger picture, in terms of how SEO is changing. Being rooted to what used to work in the past will be ineffectual in the future. If you settle to invest in the same strategies as you used to earlier, it’s just about guaranteed that you will be lacking the true business benefits supposed to be effective via SEO.Ensure you invest in reliable analytics and frequently check them for sudden trend changes in your traffic or consumer behavior.
  5. Buying Backlinks – You don’t have to build umpteen backlinks to your website, so as to rank high. What is important is the quality of your backlinks, not the quantity.A few people still think the number of backlinks is extremely important, however that’s not the case at all. Rather than trying to get hundreds of SPAMMY links, better focus your attempts on getting links from influential domains in your niche. Better reading this before going for any link schemes – If you have a brand-new website and all of a sudden hundred websites decide to link to you, in that case Google will raise a flag that you are doing something incorrect. Therefore, consider that natural is the term that must determine your link popularity profile.

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