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Top 10 Inspirational User Interface & Experience Designs

At present, tremendous competition exists in the digital market, and therefore, it is important to have high customer retention plus a reduced bounce rate as well. One essential feature of doing that is having an elegant UX and UI design. Below, we have mentioned the top 10 inspirational UI and UX designs that will help to satisfy the requirements of your business.

Colours connecting emotionally, such as Spotify

We make use of colours globally for expressing emotions. Spotify comes with a fantastic colour gradient which hooks the users successfully to the platform. You will not be touched emotionally by flat colours, and you do not feel any relation to the interface. Spotify offered an extensive variety of audio libraries for its users. Consequently, the improvement of the UI design is performed for enhancing user engagement. It is likewise imperative to find out colour gradients that match your scheme such that the users find it enjoyable to use the interface.

Useful Chat Assistance of Nike

In case there is any question associated with the purchase made by you, you can expect the vendor to provide you with a proper answer. Manual chat help and chatbot are some useful options to rectify your doubts. Many of the users are frustrated by outdated, hard to access platforms, resulting in the loss of customers for those businesses.

Nike comes with the most effective set of queries that will solve your issue within a short period. It is quite simple to navigate the portal as well. The most effective way of valuing your customers will be to save their time and also offer convenience to them. Nike will inspire and teach you how to value the visitors by making UX more powerful.

Tidy such as Dropbox

If over-complicated, the UI can increase the bounce rate & minimize the on-page time of the visitor. There is no need for you to provide flashy logos and needless pop-ups for attracting the user. You can simply stick to a well-ordered approach similar to the one offered by Dropbox. It can boast of having an approachable UI to which you will become accustomed fairly quickly.

Classy segmentation of Airbnb

Things can become somewhat clumsy once you have many things to offer. However, it is possible to make certain that all things are visible without hindering the ease of navigation with proper segmentation. In case you are having issues with the layout for the UI of your venture, then Airbnb’s model might inspire you. Being quite subtle, it will make sure that it does not redirect the user to a false page.

White Spacing such as Hello Monday

Perhaps you are habituated to writing answers and questions with pens of different colours. This practice will allow you to focus on one particular question. Hello Monday, employing apt white spacing, will pull off the identical concept with the UX which they offer. It draws attention, appears unique, and provides on-point info as well.

Several search options of the PhotoLove

Being a webmaster, it is natural for you to know more regarding your site as compared to any other individual. Because of this, what might seem to be accessible easily will not be identical for the visitors. For fixing this problem, you can create a UI providing several search options.

You can make use of separate web pages, headings, search bar, as well as search options that are image-based for providing simplicity of access. Photo Love has used the same concept for making sure that the users experience a smooth navigation path all through their session.

Media animations of Maribou

The website of Maribou Player will take animations and music to the next level. It comes with a soothing media player that will enable you to keep your screen on while you are hearing MP3 music as well. Their UI, their songs, and everything has got the sensation of courage and motivation in the best possible way.

Usability such as MailChimp

MailChimp is noted for its interface updates regularly. The UI is modified by the developers according to the most recent trends for making sure that the site does not replicate an outdated appearance. It is important to update the UI plus filter all unnecessary components for improving web usability.

Clickability such as Pinterest

It is quite difficult to ignore any post on Pinterest. Its attractive UI is mainly responsible for this. The extensive range of colours used for defining different website elements likewise makes the UI/UX design compelling. It is really fascinating that Pinterest can have content on lots of existential elements and yet, it can deliver everything so smoothly.

Yelp’s Attentiveness to Detail

Yelp comes with a tagline “Everything Searchable” which is truly the case. Apart from providing a fantastic UX, the UI likewise is extremely interactive which takes plenty of effort from the users for delivering accurate results.

Things can become erratic with a huge number of locations and options. However, you will be able to manage everything easily in case you come with an interface that is enthused by Yelp.

Let us help youConclusion

Here, we conclude the list of the top 10 inspirational UI/UX design examples. We can use this as a standard for maintaining the quality of the UI provided by you to your audience.


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Top 10 Inspirational User Interface & Experience Designs

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