Hitesh Dhawan Sep 29, 2012

Some Tips on How to Make Facebook Promote your Brand

Facebook is a major platform in the world of marketing and advertising.  In a recent study, Facebook stated that over 1 million advertisers are nowadays looking to reach the millions of users who visit the site every day.

However, with an increasing number of techniques to leverage this leading platform, brand marketers stay familiar with few of the most proven methods while using the latest set of marketing strategies.  Following are some tips on how to make Facebook promote your brand.

Activate your page viewers by paid media

The majority of brands have made a substantial investment in building their Facebook communities.  They have attention-grabbing pages and develop excellent content that drives engagement. However, through targeted, paid advertising on Facebook, brands are able to unlock the appropriate value of these communities, through increasing the level of contact with their present fans, whereas getting new fans that can turn out to be loyal brand ambassadors.

Be clear about your goals

Facebook can be used to address major business goals – enhancing brand awareness, coming across new customers, retaining present customers, or driving mobile apps penetration. It’s extremely important to be clear on marketing objectives beforehand, and then measure success based on the expected goals.

Be familiar with your fans to use more effective paid advertising

The best practice is to find the stats of your active fans, and also the places that trend the highest.  These insights, together with other information that you have gathered related to your best customers, is able to help you build the accurate targeting profiles when organizing ad promotions on Facebook.

Make use of Facebook’s new targeting options

With the native targeting options in Facebook like demographic and interest-based targeting, Facebook is nowadays making few extremely innovative targeting alternatives for advertisers.

Test and learn

Irrespective of your goals – brand awareness, online and offline sales, mobile app installs, etc – Facebook offers numerous ways for you to evaluate progress against your objectives. Some of these measurement solutions provide insights in real time which supports a marketer to change the targeting, creative mix, as well as frequency as the campaign is still going on. With these insights, you can very well make Facebook work for your brand.

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