data engineering - data engineering services
Hitesh Dhawan Oct 22, 2021

Maximizing Your Business with Data Engineering Services in FMCG

The FMCG sector remains among the most competitive and rapidly growing verticals in the world,…

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Tech Stack for CEO - CTO Guide
Hitesh Dhawan

Essential Guide for CTOs: Navigating the Modern Tech Stack Landscape

With DevOps and "you build it, you own it," the modern startup's tech stack has…

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Banner - Agile Development
Product Development
Hitesh Dhawan Aug 20, 2021

How Can Agile Future Proof Your Business

What Is Agile Development?  Agile development is iterative by nature as compared to the linear…

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Advance Cloud Solution
Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Solutions
Hitesh Dhawan Jul 23, 2021

Enabling Seamless Business Experience with Advanced Cloud Solutions

To facilitate the best business outcomes in today’s business world, a company must choose an…

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Product Development, Tech Updates
Hitesh Dhawan Aug 07, 2019

Top 7 Tech Trending in 2019 To Adapt & Adopt

As with everything else, for digital marketing as well, change is the only constant, even…

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