THE NEXT DECADE OF TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2021: Banner - trending it technologies
Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups
Hitesh Dhawan Sep 11, 2021

Navigating the Future: Trending IT Technologies of the Next Decade

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has considerably intertwined with people‚Äôs lives and…

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Facial Recognition Login_ Future of Biometric Identification
Artificial Intelligence
Hitesh Dhawan Jul 28, 2021

Facial Recognition Login: Future of Biometric Identification

Distinguishing faces is something we humans take for granted. While technology has grown exponentially, it…

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Web-Development with Artificial Intelligence- AI in Web Development
Artificial Intelligence, Web Development
Hitesh Dhawan Jun 24, 2021

AI and Web Development: Transforming the Digital Landscape

AI & UX User experience on websites is a critical differentiator for consumers, and Artificial…

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Product Development, Tech Updates
Hitesh Dhawan Aug 07, 2019

Top 7 Tech Trending in 2019 To Adapt & Adopt

As with everything else, for digital marketing as well, change is the only constant, even…

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Marketing Trend 2021 - new trends in digital marketing - digital marketing business ideas
Hitesh Dhawan Jan 17, 2018

Innovative Digital Marketing Business Ideas

To call what 2020 did to the economy a 'set-back' would be an understatement on…

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