Hitesh Dhawan May 29, 2014

Google Spell Check: Introducing Spell Up

Google recently introduced a new Chrome experiment called Spell Up, that is aimed at helping you improve your command over the Engish language.

Inspired from Xavier Barrade, creative lead at Google’s Creative Lab in London, he was raised in France and as a result had spent considerable amount of time to master the English language. Now at Google, he and his team has put the existing technology to use to create Spell Up to help people learn English words in a simple and fun manner.

Additionally, as this is an endeavour by Google, Spell up works best if have Chrome on your computer or in Chrome on Android based devices. In case you are using Chrome on your iPhones, you will be limited to typing and will not be able to use your voice to play the game. Google says it worked with game designers and teachers to make Spell Up “both fun and educational.”

The goal of the player is simple: just spell the word that you hear correctly every single time. The more words you spell correctly, the more levels you advance and create a higher word tower in the process. It goes without saying that the more you move ahead, the more difficult the words become. Also, as the game processes, players will be made to pronounce words correctly, guess mystery words and solve word jumbles. Earn bonuses and coins to move up the game faster.

Join the fun with this link here:

FAQs About Google Spell Check

Q. What is Google Spell Check’s Spell Up?

A. Spell Up is a Chrome experiment designed to help improve English language skills through an interactive game, utilizing Google’s spell check technology.

Q. How does Google Spell Check work in Spell Up?

A. In Spell Up, Google Spell Check assists players by checking the accuracy of the words they spell and pronounce, ensuring a fun and educational experience.

Q. Can Spell Up be used on all devices?

A. Spell Up works best on Chrome browsers, both on computers and Android devices. On iPhones, the experience is limited to typing without voice interaction.

Q. Is Spell Up by Google Spell Check free to play?

A. Yes, Spell Up is a free-to-play game, accessible to anyone wanting to improve their English language skills.

Q. What are the benefits of using Google Spell Check in Spell Up?

A. The benefits include improved spelling and pronunciation skills, fun gameplay, and the ability to learn English in an interactive manner.

Q. Does Spell Up help with pronunciation as well as spelling?

A. Yes, along with spelling, Spell Up also focuses on correct pronunciation of words.

Q. What kind of challenges does Spell Up offer?

A. Spell Up offers various challenges including spelling words correctly, pronouncing words, solving word jumbles, and guessing mystery words.

Q. Can Spell Up help with academic English improvement?

A. Yes, Spell Up can be a useful tool for students looking to improve their academic English, especially in spelling and vocabulary.

Q. Is Google Spell Check reliable in Spell Up?

A. Google Spell Check is known for its accuracy and reliability, making it an effective tool in the Spell Up game.

Q. How can teachers use Spell Up in classrooms?

A. Teachers can use Spell Up as an interactive tool to engage students in learning English, making spelling and pronunciation lessons more enjoyable.

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