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Hitesh Dhawan Apr 05, 2016

Smartphone App Development and Entrepreneurship

Gone are the times when budding engineers and developers used to look for a job. With changing times, the trend is changing. Entrepreneurship is the new favorite word of the town. With amazing ideas cooking in their heads, new age entrepreneurs are exploding the market. The latest boom in the industry is the growth of numerous start-ups. E-commerce is the sphere expanding beyond limits. Initially, e-commerce websites were at large, but, now smaller screens are playing a bigger role in this orbit. Mobile app development is being preferred over website development. Various e-commerce giants have switched from website to mobile apps entirely.

With the surge in mobile app development, the demand for smartphone application developers is also increasing. The industry is now welcoming developers irrespective of their age and qualification. The count of teenage developers is increasing everyday. These young entrepreneurs are being recognized all over the globe. Not only are they developing their apps but also various Silicon Valley giants are buying their applications for millions of dollars. Also, they are being offered jobs and their algorithms are being incorporated into the organizations. The regulations for play store and app store have been relaxed for various reasons, one of them being attracting new age mobile application developers. There is a demand for developers who can not only create customized mobile applications for different types of businesses, but also who are talented in mobile application development in domains such as social networking, medical, banking and others.

App Development For Entrepreneurship

The spirit of entrepreneurship is a positive change towards the society. It is driven by creativity, innovation, passion, ambition, confidence and positivity. The zeal to do something unique for the society stands strong with every entrepreneur. This zeal is helping them create wonders which in turn are making the lives of people easier. Smartphone apps range from the simplest of all tasks to the most complex tasks. Buying clothes, renewing insurances, connecting with people all over the world, paying bills etc. are a few of the endless tasks that can be accomplished with smartphones apps. These apps are playing a crucial role in empowering women, children, parents as well as the government in various ways.

Various global surveys conducted reveal that around 72% of the smartphone application developers are willing to quit their jobs and work independently to shape up their own startups. Around 61% of them affirmed that they will put the papers within two years. Flexibility and freedom are the two main reasons for this approach. 89% of the people prefer working in the workplaces of their own choice and adjust the time according to their will rather than a regular corporate shift.

An independent working environment can surely provide these people with the flexibility and freedom they are looking for. Smartphones have proven to be big thumbs up for the developers. They get to work with real time data anywhere along with tools such as drive and drobox. Also, app store and play store provide developers with the opportunity to earn their share of profit by publishing their applications.

FAQs: App Development for Entrepreneurship

  • Why is smartphone app development becoming a preferred choice for entrepreneurship?
    Smartphone app development has emerged as a preferred choice for entrepreneurship due to the increasing use of mobile devices for daily activities, such as shopping, banking, and social networking. This shift towards mobile-first approaches is driven by consumer preference for accessing services on-the-go, which creates substantial business opportunities. Moreover, with e-commerce and other industries expanding their reach through mobile apps rather than websites, entrepreneurs are finding a lucrative and expanding market in mobile app development. The ability to reach a wide audience and directly engage with users has made smartphone app development a key avenue for modern entrepreneurship.
  • What opportunities are available for young app developers in the industry?
    The app development industry is increasingly welcoming to young developers, recognizing their ability to innovate and bring fresh perspectives. With no strict barriers related to age or formal qualifications, young developers find opportunities to sell their apps to major tech companies, receive lucrative job offers, and see their algorithms and ideas implemented in real-world applications. The relaxation of regulations on app stores further facilitates the entry of new developers into the market, providing them with platforms to publish their apps and earn profits, thereby promoting an entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.
  • How are smartphone apps impacting society?
    Smartphone apps have a profound impact on various aspects of society by simplifying and enhancing everyday activities. From enabling online purchases and bill payments to renewing insurances and connecting with people globally, apps have made numerous tasks more accessible and efficient. Additionally, apps play a significant role in empowering different social groups, including women, children, and the elderly, by providing tools and resources for education, safety, and connectivity. They also support government initiatives in areas like healthcare, transportation, and public services, improving overall societal efficiency and governance.
  • What are the main reasons developers are moving towards independent app development?
    The main reasons include the desire for flexibility and freedom in their work environments. About 72% of smartphone app developers express a willingness to leave traditional employment to pursue their own startup ventures, with 61% planning to do so within two years. This trend is driven by the preference for working in more flexible settings where they can choose their workspace and work hours, rather than adhering to a fixed corporate schedule. The independence associated with creating and marketing their own apps allows developers to innovate and pursue their entrepreneurial visions more freely.
  • What advantages do smartphone app developers have in today’s digital environment?
    Smartphone app developers benefit greatly from the digital tools and platforms available today, which support remote and flexible working conditions. Tools like Google Drive and Dropbox allow developers to work with real-time data from anywhere, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Furthermore, platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play provide significant opportunities for developers to publish their apps and generate revenue. These platforms not only offer a direct route to market but also enable developers to gain visibility in a competitive marketplace, potentially leading to further entrepreneurial opportunities or acquisitions by larger companies.

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