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Search Engine Optimization for Finance & Insurance: Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Agency

The financial and insurance sector in India is highly competitive. Customers have become more demanding than ever. Marketing for this sector needs a robust and competitive multi-channel marketing strategy to keep pace with competition across sectors such as insurance, banking, wealth management, stocks, accounting, mutual funds and so on. One of the biggest and strongest forms of digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the biggest step in digital marketing for finance as it encapsulates the biggest segment of internet traffic. SEO services by a digital marketing agency provide the SEO sales funnel for financial corporations required for better customer targeting, sustained online growth, and finding qualified leads quickly.

How can SEO services help boost the Finance and Insurance sector?

SEO services for financial companies involve the formulation of key digital marketing strategies to help prospects find their websites through search engines. Search engine optimization services can drive organic traffic to your website by leveraging relevant searches. SEO services India can help you rank on top on search engine result pages by providing relevant content, ensuring that your website is easily accessible, and earning backlinks from higher authority websites. As a financial or an insurance company, you should ensure that your SEO content is top-notch so that you can earn people’s trust to invest their hard-earned fortune.


How SEO services can improve the SEO efforts of Finance and Insurance Companies


Understand Current SEO

To begin with, SEO Services in India help companies understand the current SEO of their website. This can give you an idea of the areas of improvement in your existing pages, identify new avenues of growth, and so on. SEO companies can help put in place SEO best practices for your website to get the maximum results and suggest where to focus your SEO efforts.

Audit Existing Content

The next SEO service performed by a digital marketing agency is a content audit. They perform a complete audit of your existing content. The audit will typically answer questions such as:

      • Are the web pages helpful and detailed enough?
      • Are the web pages current and up-to-date?
      • Are the web pages well-structured?
      • Is the website easy to navigate and can be read by the target audience?
      • Are the meta titles and descriptions engaging enough to generate a click through to your page?
      • Are there any duplicate pages across your website?


Perform Keyword Research

The next step performed by SEO companies is keyword research. Once they improve your existing pages, they identify new content opportunities. Keyword research can be done by a third party SEO tool to find out:

      • Keywords that users are actively searching.
      • Keywords related to your core financial services domain.
      • Keywords on problems your business can reliably solve.

Research on the search intent of the keyword will be performed. This research will form a core part of your future SEO strategy and help you chart out an effective content plan.

Perform Competitor Analysis

Digital marketing agencies help you understand your major competitors in the industry. This information can be found out by the results that show up on Google for the relevant keywords. Once you have the entire search traffic competitor list, you must analyze the following points:

      • What are they doing well to stay ahead?
      • How does your content compare to theirs and what are you falling short of?
      • Are there any content gaps that need to be fixed to achieve the top search position on Google’s search engine result page?

Create Educational Content

The key to successful SEO for financial firms is to keep the users informed about your services, pricing and updates. SEO can work with you to plan educational content without a direct selling intent. Finance related subjects that are hard to comprehend can be discussed and explained to the reader. Informative content can offer guidance, advice to the user and help them with their problems while parallelly enhancing your SEO. Some benefits you can gain from creating educational content on your website are:

      • Google can better understand and rank your website for relevant searches.
      • It can place your business as an authority in the finance sector.
      • You can improve the chances of procuring external links as other websites are likely to provide links to helpful content.
      • You can attract potential customers to your site and increase the chances of converting them as leads in the future. 


Let us help you 


Good organic search rankings are hard to achieve in competitive industries like finance and insurance. Digital marketing agencies can offer SEO Services that can enhance conversion rates of your search listings. They also help you widen your product reach and grow your organization.


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