Read how to make a successful post on Facebook

Today we’re going to dig out how to make a successful post on your Facebook page.

One needs to follow a set of practices that result in a successful Facebook post such as images, links, videos, captions and call to actions, etc.

Briefing in tit-bits as to what makes a Facebook post successful:

  1. Photo: It is most widely known that image posts work best on Facebook. Though a textual post would give you the highest reach, a pictorial post will give you maximum engagement. It is advised that you use a relevant image along with your post on Facebook. Contests, polls, questions, information, quotes etc can all be fitted in an image and shared on Facebook. This not only grabs the eyeballs of the audience, but can also get you clicks if shared along with a link.
    Please note that using copyright images should be strictly prohibited. In case there isn’t any other option, give due credits to the image source to avoid any hassle.
  2. Keep It Short and Simple (KISS method): According to various reports, Facebook posts with 80 or lesser characters have 27% higher engagement. Writing long status updates and descriptions serves no purpose if it does not gets its due reach. An average Facebook user has 210 friends. About 400 million-plus Facebook users are active in any given day. While you post on your brand page, you are contending with the posts of more than hundreds of other people and pages. People do not have time to read longer posts. Therefore it is wise to chart out your post in less than 80 characters. Wish to write a longer post? Write a blog post and share it on Facebook!
  3. Call-To-Action strategy: The most fruitful questioning words to be used for a call to action are when, where, should and would. A call to action is a question, request or a demand. A mere “LIKE if you agree” does a lot of talking if the content being shared with the audience is worth liking.
     Post by Everyday Cooking.
  4. Title or Description of the link you share: Change the description and title that come in with the link from the website to your requirement. Shorten it to 80 characters or lesser so that the description is crisp and catchy.
  5. Give Credits (When applicable): Are you sharing any other page’s article or post or for that matter, an image? Be wise- TAG THEM! And there are numerous benefits of tagging.

In Conclusion

Even some of the biggest brands miss out on writing a successful Facebook post. Taking full control of some of the things mentioned above can work in your favor. A brand page of 100 or a million, these practices should come handy for creating a successful Facebook post.

And if we missed something that is essential, please share through the comment box below.

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Read how to make a successful post on Facebook

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