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Planning Content for a Digital Product Buyer’s Journey

For selling any digital product, the content must answer the most relevant questions of the buyer, while fitting into his/her purchasing journey.

The page has to be his/her go-to place for product-related answers, which in turn, help in evaluating the products.

What follows are the key techniques for crafting content for digital product buyers.

Holding on to these techniques will help you be in line with the customer’s thinking process, leading them to the final, successful purchase of your product.

Conduct Audience Persona Research

For developing a successful plan involving content planning for your digital buyer, you must clearly define your niche customer base or the target audience for your content, better known as a buyer persona.

This is significantly important for the newer service providers just venturing out into the market who are still new to digital marketing strategies.

Knowing the target audience helps you produce better, relevant, and valuable products that the buyers would want to consider purchasing over other such products.

Although you may have an experienced marketer in your team, your niche can change, or in case you wish to target newer customer groups, to expand beyond the current market target.

Even if you wish to keep providing products to the very same target customer base, revisiting the audience/customer parameters by conducting thorough market research using our digital marketing tools every year is important for your audience growth as well as to help you plan your content development for creating awareness amongst them.

Raise Awareness

Content helps in educating the buyers in terms of industry-specific necessities. It is the best way of establishing online authority by providing buyers with well-researched content that is trustworthy.

While fitting the content into the shopping process, make sure that it relates to the customers at a personal level, highlighting the regular necessities of shoppers’ experience in the specific industry and explaining how using digital products might help, through industry-specific advantages.

Educate them on how your product can change their life in exchange for a small investment of their resources.

Explain the ease of downloading and the low overhead costs, while keeping in mind that the users can also find free products mimicking your software, so focus on the one-of-a-kind benefits of the product sold by you as once in a lifetime offer.

Using research-backed content for helping the customers in decision-making is a good idea, because content creation is not simply about advertising your product, but also educating the customers about how it might help solve their needs and to facilitate their consideration to use your service.


If your digital business is selling a video editing software, it is more useful to talk about the extra perks, like easy share buttons for social media, amazing presets, highly efficient video stabilization, or about the unique video enhancement tools, not the usual things like music addition or splitting the video into clips. Make sure that the information is highly specific and relevant.


Facilitate Consideration

According to the data from the US E-commerce Country Report, a massive 88% per cent of consumers choose to research before they buy an item in-store or download any digital tool, through reliable online content.

Therefore, the associated content must have authoritative knowledge, and not simply often played out strategies of advertising. The content will play into the research of the users if it is smart and well-written. As most users can now tell if the sources are fluff, so be sure to have your content play-off on their foreknowledge and your subject expertise.

You can comparatively evaluate different products like real buyers do, as this reality adds an edge to the content and facilitates the buying process. In case of any product, elucidate the pros and cons of similar products available in the market to help the reader perceive the privileges that your product offers over others and therefore facilitate buying.


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Provide Quality Assurances


When consumers are researching the product they want to buy, they want the truth of the matter; they want to get assured of the quality of the service, which comes from real reviews that social media influencers like YouTube and Instagram stars can provide them with.

Be clear regarding pricing, as hidden add-ons aggravate readers looking for dependable services. Revealing the product price tag is useful in the long run, as it helps to gain the customer’s trust and strengthen your authority on the product.

Around 84% of millennials reported being influenced by the user-generated content on the concerned company/product websites, which gives them unbiased reviews for real-world scenarios and quality assurance of the service.

Companies can choose to partner with these UGC publishers to win the trust of their consumers and market their product better, without going into the regular rote of marketing concepts or advertisements.

Partnering with industry experts or online reviewers for the generation of unorthodox and reliable content for potential customers is a good way to start.


Help Consumers Make Decisions

Generate such content which stirs people to immediate action by playing roles in the customer’s buying process. Developing a strong Call-to-Action or CTA will spur the audience for acting on the advice provided on your website.

Your marketing team or agency will always agree to the fact that no matter how hard you try to drive traffic on your website or to spread awareness about your product, it is all useless until and unless your visitor engages with your brand.

This engagement can be a subscription to your blog, registration to use a demo of your service, or dropping personal queries. To facilitate this engagement, strong and enticing CTAs can be developed and integrated throughout the digital journey of your buyer.

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The Takeaway

People nowadays have many online options regarding digital products, so you must give them enough reason to act on your advice above others. Content should be focused on providing education that assists buyers during research.

Writing for the assistance of digital product buyers means writing for a uniquely targeted audience. Since digital products like eBooks and online video courses are quite new and possess endless possibilities, it means that there will still be a lot to learn about selling and marketing them.

Though we ought to try everything on our own but hiring Neuronimbus as your digital marketing consultant can grant you the space to grow in other significant areas.


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Planning Content for a Digital Product Buyer’s Journey

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