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Hitesh Dhawan Aug 03, 2021

Node.JS for your web application development?

Node.js is an open-source software used to build scalable network applications. The critical feature of node.js is that a web application developer of any skill level can use this multi-user and real-time web application. The high speed and finishing of the application make node.js ideal for web application development. The node.js developers use JavaScript in the programming platform, which makes it suitable for real-time applications. JavaScript is used in node.js to build web servers and networking applications. The primary feature of node.js that makes it popular among web developers is its usage in a wide range of servers like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.


Unique features of Node.js

Node.js incorporated built-in libraries with enhanced functionalities to program the database servers. Besides the usual web application development, node.js has other high potential applications. 

Node.Js can distribute the workloads through many service providers and also can respond to client requests. Hence it becomes simple to work on complex contents with this tool. 


Collaboration and data sharing 

The tool includes a data-sharing facility to enable collaboration called Node Package Manager (NPM), which has a repository of 50,000 packages for web application development companies to build successful solutions. Web developers can readily upgrade, upload, and reuse the codes, making the node.js package manager more steadfast and reliable.


Data streaming facilities

Effective software creation requires powerful I/O management. Node.js can handle I/O operations easily for the users to transcode the imported media files, which is otherwise difficult to manage as HTTP0 responses and requests as full data objects. Besides, node.js can read and write streams to WebSockets that makes web management easier.


High-speed performance

Node.js backed up by Google’s V8 engines are faster in the account. Node.js compiles the JavaScript code into the native device in high-speed than any other web development tool. Because of the high potential of this tool, most of the companies are hiring node.js developers, and some of the leading web-based companies have witnessed success and cost savings.


The unified codebase for data transfer

The benefit of using JavaScript to send the data between the client and the server in node.js is highly appreciable.


Enhanced productivity

Node.js tremendously improves the performance of the application by its exceptional libraries and functions. It used a single scripting language for both server and client applications to enable consistent code writing. A report states that node.js will improve the productivity of an application by 48%, thus boosting enterprise competitiveness. 


Real-time web applications

Developers can create real-time apps such as gaming and messaging apps through node.js, which is highly advantageous to web developers. Node.js can provide the best solutions for such web-based real-time applications that need a non-blocking and an event-based API.


Cost-effective and well supported

Node.js is an economical option for companies to leverage and require less processing resources than other web development tools, saving 56% of development costs. Node.js is substantial and has an ever-growing trustworthy community.


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According to a survey by StackOverflow in 2021, 34% of the professional developers used node.js, especially for its libraries, platforms, and frameworks. It is essential to ensure collaboration with the right node.js developers to avail of all the benefits discussed above.


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