Hitesh Dhawan Apr 24, 2014

Mobilegeddon – Google Algorithm Update on Mobile Search

Nowadays, approximately sixty percent of online traffic comes from mobile and Google wants web users to have a good experience every time they click on a mobile link.

In favor of this, Google has come up with a major update on mobile search algorithm (Mobilegeddon) that can change the order in which websites are ranked when users look for something from their mobile phone or tablet.

The algorithm is utterly supportive of mobile friendly websites (to be precise, the ones with large, readable text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit on all screen they’re viewed on) and ranking them higher in search results. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly will move down the search engine results.

Google announced its upcoming changes in February, providing webmasters approximately two months and ample information to make the changes needed to keep their sites away from fading away from mobile search results.

With the new algorithm, user experience will be given as much importance as the content. Now, it’s not enough to have all the right content – if people visit your site and the content is there but is not readable, then it will not work in your favor.

Moreover, it will take a week or so to rank all pages in the index.  So, check back on April 28th to exactly see where you stand.

Also, Google has various tools, comprising the Mobile-Friendly Test as well as Mobile Usability Report, to help out you and/or your web developer.

Following are some tips to make your website Mobile Friendly:

Make Navigation simple. You can do this by changing your menu to a dropdown.

Use CSS to make your website responsive as well as mobile friendly.

Make the font size bigger on your website.

Get rid of unnecessary information.  At times, what is shown on your desktop website isn’t of any use for mobile users.

Make important information visible

All in all, the new algorithm change isn’t all doom and gloom; in fact, changes like this are for the service of the consumer and are good for the industry, too.

To gain more information on the update or how to make your website more mobile-friendly, contact Neuronimbus today!!!

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