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Hitesh Dhawan Jan 22, 2015

The Major Web Trend of 2015 – Responsive Websites

Online marketing trends will influence your business in 2015, as well; therefore, it’s vital that your business have a mobile-optimized web presence to remain competitive.

With the rise of 4G internet connections on our mobiles as well as super-fast broadband into our workplaces and homes, we’ve become used to having everything at our fingertips in a jiffy. Simultaneously, these increases in speed have also attracted several web development agencies and their clienteles to increase their use of heavy-weight design elements as well as heavy scripts to support intricate functionality. But, with more speed comes more impatience. Your website may appear great and have chic capabilities, however if your users have to wait even a few minutes too long for it to load on their mobiles, they won’t wait to see how great it is – they’ll bounce back to the Google search results and move on to your competitor’s website as an alternative. This year, one can expect this impatience to intensify even more.

What we saw last year, and will continue to see this year and next year as well as beyond, is a simplification of website content as well as coding to make sure – regardless of our connection speeds turning out to be blazingly fast – that our websites are lighter-weight than ever in the past. Through making the most of best-practice responsive web design practices that combine dynamic formatting (via CSS media queries) with on-the-fly processing of images as well as assets, websites can nowadays appear better and react more rapidly than ever before – regardless of what device they’re accessed on.

And it’s not that web designers as well as web developers only love RWD – even Google love it. As a matter of fact, Google webmasters vouch for using RWD particularly for eCommerce sites as it’s quick, simple, and adaptable. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, a responsive site is easier to crawl because of a single URL. Just once is sufficient and content is already appropriately indexed; versus several crawls for diverse URL’s.

So, if you want a responsive website or web-based application with stylish, customized functionality, consult a professional web development TODAY!!!

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