Is Work From Home Falling Short?

The current challenging pandemic-ridden times have forced the majority of the work population worldwide to resort to work from home. Video conferencing work platforms and cloud service companies have seen a rise of more than 300% in their sales, all thanks to the WFH trend.

Several companies today have leaned towards a hybrid working model with comprehensive remote working solutions and digital service providers. This includes a majority of employees working remotely, and a minority has started reporting to the workplace.

Work from home: A Living Reality

Some researchers suggest that work from home is more productive. No longer there is the need to sit dressed up in a compressed cubicle for 8 hours. Thanks to the digital service providers, employees can now be at home and do their shifts with their devices plugged in.

    • Flexible work schedules have given the employees much-needed freedom. As long as the work is complete with desirable outcomes, employees seem to have found the new work-life balance that was missing when working from offices. It has boosted productivity in many cases.
    • With the pandemic forcing a major lockdown across both domestic and international regions, offices have shut down. The commute time for an average employee has considerably decreased, along with the associated stress and anxiety related to the rush.
    • Remote work has given rise to diverse job opportunities that are not geographically limited to a specific area. It becomes especially helpful to job seekers from rural areas.
    • An overall work from the home switch has led to a considerable decrease in resource wastage as the employees are saving on the time as well as the capital that they spend on transportation, vehicle maintenance, parking fees, cafeterias, and the offices are saving heavily on their operation costs including regular supplies, electricity and in many cases the real estate.

Employees can work comfortably with their kids and pets around. Businesses are churning more from their employees, and all this makes WFH sound even more interesting. Isn’t it? But wait! Things may not be that easy as they seem.


Work from Home Blues

Remote working solutions have shown better productive outcomes, with well-designed platforms provided by digital service providers. Workers across every company have toiled long hours during the lockdown. The anxiety induced by the crisis and the fear of job retention has made most workers show high productive outcomes. But productivity assumptions due to remote working are now being challenged.

    • As the line between work and home blurs, WFH has led to isolation and stress. While a small percentage of super achievers did show high productivity rates, a majority of the work population masked a fall. These people struggled with physical and emotional issues while working from home.
    • Employees are now missing working from the office. Lack of personal interaction is fast raising its head as a problem monger. Prolonged work from home is leading to stress. School closures have placed an extra burden on working parents. Senior professionals have more significant anxiety issues as team cohesion is drastically reduced.
    • The lack of positive encounters with coworkers has stifled creativity. Humans are social animals and crave for connections. Prolonged stays in the virtual zones have seen fatigue beginning to set in.
    • Company cultures have seen a change in the face-to-face workplace. They have realized that people need human contact to function and achieve results. By working remotely, most of the social capital that was built up by years of working together is gradually working up.

Remote working solutions have shown better productive outcomes


Changing solutions: The Need of the Hour

The work from home trend will ultimately swing back in another direction as situations begin to normalize. However, work-from-home policies would still need a balance. Companies do not foresee work from home and remote working solutions as a permanent model. It may cause an adverse impact on the mental well-being of the people. An acceptable work policy would require a certain number of days every week in the office. Physical presence has to be a must- a compelling connect can only be established when a worker and his boss actually see and hear each other, and their colleagues. A team cannot function efficiently when everyone is completely virtual.


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Is Work From Home Falling Short?

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