How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Social media is gaining more and more interest every day. Today, millions of users are connecting to each other with ease of social media. Social media platforms have become tools of connection, promotion and engagement.

With more number of people and brands joining Facebook, there has been increase in the number of posts as well. Audience or users is a top priority for big and small brands and companies. Keeping your audience engaged can bring a lot of benefit to you.

No strict path can increase audience to engage more on your Facebook page but knowing how it is done can help you benefit at a remarkable pace.

Timing and Frequency

A key point to keep in mind while posting content on Facebook is to check the time. There are certain time periods on which user engagement rate is high. Time of posts may depend on the field of your work. Researching the web for a specific time to post content can be tricky. According to Huspost, the best time to post content on Facebook is 9 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM.

There are chances that your content may not reach the target audience at specific time. To solve this, try to publish content after working hours. If you cannot do it yourself, then use Facebook’s “schedule post” feature. This will help you post content at your specified time and you can track the reach and engagement rate later in insights when you get back during business hours.

Publish posts on your Facebook page at least twice per day. According to a research by Buddy Media, Facebook pages that post twice per day receive 40% higher in user engagement compared to pages that post more than thrice per day.

Post Photos or videos

People tend to be more responsive when they see an image or a video posted. It is said that visual content has more impact on people compared to written content. In addition to posting things that are relevant to your brand, product or service; you can post funny images or memes, funny videos, etc.

Observe Other Facebook Pages

Find out your competitors in your local area, check if they have a Facebook page. If they do then take advantage of the Facebook’s “Pages to Watch” feature. With the help of this feature, you can add pages of your competitors to compare and evaluate the performance of your Facebook page with them.

Provide Exclusive Offers

You can post exclusive offers and discounts to your Facebook page followers. It will drive traffic not only to your offer but also benefit your website or physical settlement. For better performance of these offers, run each offer for a short period of time. When this outperforms, you can post the same offer differently with a gap of a month or two.

Respond to Your Audience

When you post something on your Facebook page, people are likely to comment if they like it. There are chances even people who dislike the content will comment. Talk to your audience in comments, reply to their comments, if they don’t like the content then politely ask them what they don’t like.

Knowing your audience is an important factor that most people forget when they start posting on their Facebook page. When you know your audience, you know the kind of content they like or will like. You can use this to your advantage and post images, videos, links, etc. that will make your followers engage with you more and more. Keep an eye on insight of every post you make to understand how different posts are performing. Use the insight data to make your posts better in future.

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How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

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