Google Update: An Improved Schema Markup and Rich Snippets for Location Pages

A unique initiative to make business and organizations more approachable, some days back Search engine giant Google has announced that it now supports improved schema markup and rich snippets for location pages.

This means that it is now possible for business to display their contact numbers for various services like –

  1. customer service,
  2. billing support,
  3. bill payment,
  4. technical support.

Also, business can further specify if the contact numbers are toll-free, global or country specific as well whether they are hearing-impaired friendly. Though these are the four main categories, companies can also choose other categories in case of rich snippets also.

Another interesting aspect of the update, is that is now possible to add additional information like location of the office, contact number, working hours and other information as well. And, it is also possible to define the information according to the various departments or services of the organization.

The schema markup update can help business in the following ways:

  1. Display contact number of the organization
  2. Restaurants can display their specific menus
  3. Pharmacies can display their working hours
  4. A store/ brand show their opening and closing hours

Learn how to implement the schema through the technical page provided by Google –

With such updates, it is hoped that Google will be able to help business connect with their target customers in a more enhanced and improved manner.

You can know more about this update here:

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Google Update: An Improved Schema Markup and Rich Snippets for Location Pages

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