Hitesh Dhawan Jun 18, 2013

Google Places for Business is now Google My Business

Google today announced that Google Places for business which incorporated various information about a local business has now been renamed as Google My Business. There is a lot more to this change to the service than just a new name.

With Google My Business, the company has combined places that was initially located in Google + Local and mow all the information is located in Google My Business. It is one of the ways in which Google is hoping to help business appear on search engines in a much easier manner. So, now through this new service (Google My Business), organisations can update their business information, add new photos, read reviews of their customer and even use services of Google Plus. In addition, Google My Business will add information about your organisation on Google searches and Google Maps as well, making it easier for customers to locate your business across devices.

Some of the features of Google My Business includes:

  1. Organisations can now update their information on Search, Maps and Google+ from a single point as many times as they want. This information can include contact number, business description, hours of services and website URL. Google will then use this information for the Knowledge Graph which is a section that highlights these features on the right side of search engine results when users search for a particular company
  2. Update more photos of products, employees, customers, store locations etc in a easy manner
  3. Connect and communicate with fans and customers by sharing important updates and events through their Google+ Page
  4. Monitor and access customer reviews in a better manner
  5. Understand how your potential market functions through custom insights and integration with AdWords Express

In short, Google My Business is one of the ways in which Google is helping companies to come up on the search engine and connect with their target audience in a more engaging manner on the internet.

A snapshot of our Google Local Listing on Google search for “Web Development Services in Delhi” –

Get more information about Google My Business here:

Have you installed Google My Business? Do you feel it is helpful? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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