Facebook’s Business Pages to Get a New Look!

Have you seen the new notification from the Facebook team under your admin panel? Here you go, this is Facebook informing you that they are soon going to roll a new design for Facebook business pages.

Facebook has recently announced that it is updating the manner in which Business Pages is being viewed by users. The company announced that the updated layout design is meant to provide a Streamlined look to the pages of brands and small business organizations. Through this update, Facebook hopes to make it easier for people to find information regarding a business as well as help page administrators to find tools that would help maximize their business in the best possible manner.

How this design will help users?

The new Facebook Business Page layout will have all the News Feed in a single listing and in a single column. So information about your business will appear in a single column below your profile picture. The information included here will be a map about your location, hours of business, website and contact information. The related images and videos of a business will also be arranged here as well. The column would also contain a link that would allow visitors to invite their friends to like the business page as well.

How this new design will help administrators?

The layout update will be a great help to administrators as it would keep all the information sorted in one place. Statistics like Page likes, number of active advertisements, post reach and notifications will all be visible in a tool bar that is placed near the right column. Further, this update will ensure that the desktop version of this page is similar to the mobile version, thereby creating a unified experience for all the users across different platforms.

So, we are sure that you eager to see this update happening soon! Better way is to join the wishlist right away.

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Hitesh Dhawan

Founder of Neuronimbus, A digital evangelist, entrepreneur, mentor, digital tranformation expert. Two decades of providing digital solutions to brands around the world.

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Facebook’s Business Pages to Get a New Look!

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