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Hitesh Dhawan Jul 23, 2021

Defining Accessibility, Search & Human Experience Design In 2021

The design layout is only significant when it is available to users: everyone, anytime, anywhere. Accessibility is about people. If you have broken your leg before, you will know how difficult simple tasks can be. Every step feels like an unnecessary risk, especially when humans are a cautious bunch. Whatever task we take for granted suddenly forces us to overcome obstacles. The good news is that accessibility standards exist and are easy to understand. For example, the visually impaired may not read the text on your website. However, if you have formatted the text correctly, you will hear your text using screen reading software.

In this article, we examine and find answers to the following questions: 

What synergies exist between accessibility, search, and human experience modelling?

How can companies benefit from human experience?

How UI UX design services are helping companies to upgrade from their old ways?


Large-scale Internet access means the development of digital products that do not discriminate against end-users, regardless of whether they have a disability or reliance on assistive devices, temporarily or permanently. All we can do is submit questions to search engines, directories, websites, and software. To answer the question, some software can make this process easier. User experience design service has its roots in neuroscience, computer science, the usability of certain elements and behaviour.

The proper definition is an integrated search, access and human experience which blends seamlessly into a method that creates human responses in real-time.



Visual issues: Farsightedness, blindness, colour blindness are all forms of visual impairment that need to be considered for the design.

Mobility Impairments: This category involves not only hand and arm usage problems (which may cause access problems) but also other muscle or bone diseases. If the design is on a trade show stand, you need to consider how people in wheelchairs will enter, turn around, and leave the stand after completing the task.

Hearing: Hearing impairments impair hearing and occur in different degrees of severity up to complete deafness.

Seizures:  Light movement affects some people, blinking on the screen. The most common problem in this category is photosensitive epilepsy.

Learning: It is also important to remember that not all disabilities are physical; Cognitive disabilities and learning disabilities can also affect accessibility.



Advances in machine learning have created new rules for SEO, such as the measurable page quality indicators Google announced in its Web Core Vital. What Google calls “page awareness” is defined in different ways by usability experts or accessibility analysts. People who understand that we can use the following are inherently different from each other. When you look at how your friends and family use computers, you may find that they use them differently.

While documenting people who need assistive software (such as screen readers) provides more opportunities to learn from the human aspect of the computing experience. Our ability to complete tasks online is unique. As a result, search engines have been under additional pressure. Therefore, they usually customize and improve the search.



While Google believes mobile devices are the future and that websites and mobile applications should be the focus of design and SEO, the real-world situation that the rest of us live in is often complex. Especially as seen in the face of a pandemic when businesses were forced to operate from homes and students sent for online classes, most people did not use mobile phones as the device of choice.

More often than not, to elect for design, data needs to be collected. There are multiple factors to consider, such as cultural views, old age, different language skills and barriers. Search engines collect this data and provide it to advertisers, website owners, and SEO experts. According to Google’s standards, it is wrong to snub laptops and desktops, because they always allow you to complete a lot of daily chores.



Google has become the go-to search engine that performs myriad tasks, such as uncovering new shows that have been watched for a long time or where to get the latest news. Denying someone access is risky and can be discriminatory. This accessibility can start in simple steps. People with disabilities have often altered the accessibility settings of their phones for specific usages. Sometimes, they need to set up a website or application and adjust accordingly when they are not getting the setting required.



Links from web pages on mobile devices are more confusing than links from desktop computers, especially for people who are not accustomed to using mobile devices. Navigating applications using non-text icons requires certain skills. If not well versed with the icons then it might confuse some.


Let us help youKEY TAKEAWAYS

UI/UX Designing for ease of use means understanding that all users have needs that need to be addressed. Although many users have physical and cognitive impairments, almost everyone will be distracted to visit the site at some point. For large displays in quiet rooms, they become difficult when the phone is turned off, and they must be moved with one hand. In this sense, making design barrier-free means intuitive planning and construction. We have many techniques available, from how to use title tags and alternative text in images to link strategies. After careful consideration, we can determine what is needed, is to optimize accessibility by testing our design on-site with real users.


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