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Hitesh Dhawan Aug 05, 2019

Capturing Potential Customers with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform with a rich tool-kit that is specifically curated and designed to enable your brand to interact effectively with your existing and potential customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the comprehensive business software platforms in the market. This blog breaks down the Salesforce Marketing CloudPlatform and talks about how technology can drive marketing campaigns and boost Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Explained

In simple words, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an integrated CRM platform that allows marketers to create and manage marketing campaigns and customer relationships. It offers all departments-sales, marketing, commerce and service – a unified, shared view of every customer.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers all-in-one support for cloud business applications integrating customer journey management, mobile, email, social media, advertising, web customization, data analysis and content management. This software also facilitates predictive analytics for real-time decision making that helps the marketers to contact the customers on the appropriate channel at the right time. 

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool also has event-driven triggers that initiate certain actions. For instance, when a customer becomes part of a loyalty program, the event trigger sends a welcome message, or if new customer contact is added, the data update trigger is initiated.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is connected to the Sales and Service Cloud to permit better coordination, offer a unified experience and prevent customers from being contacted by marketers from separate groups. 

cloud business applications

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps cloud business applications to get a better grip of a buyer persona, deciding means to communicate with them through several touchpoints to boost customer acquisition, and sales.

Starting as a CRM platform in 1999, Salesforce has evolved to becoming a centralized cloud-based solution that connects each customer touchpoint to bring them a one-of-a-kind customized brand experience. 

What can Salesforce Marketing Cloud do for your Business?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is based on the ME2B(Me to Business) model, where people define the type of relationship they wish to have with their preferred brands. With the growing need for privacy and security, marketers need to create relationships that foster strong bonds and trust with their customers. The Marketing cloud tools enable them to build such a relationship by gathering valuable information about user opinion and interests. 

Given below are the various tools that Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers and their uses:

Create Customized User Experiences

Create Customized User Experiences

Journey Builder, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s automation tool lets you create personalized customer journeys through several channels such as ads, web, social media, email, SMS, push notification, and so on. These journeys go through different stages depending upon customer interaction with the brand. There are 2 approaches to customer journey:

The conventional process where the invitation is sent to the customer to complete a sale and it ends there.

The automated process where an email is sent and if the customer does not respond, they will receive a push notification or SMS reminder. If they still do not complete the transaction, they will be a part of the database of the paid media campaign.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Solutions like Social Studio and Email Studio empower marketers to formulate tailor-made social media and email marketing campaigns that target qualified leads. Mobile Studio allows you to pursue customer interaction via messaging service, SMS and push notifications. 

Measure Campaign Success

The Analytics Builder feature of the Marketing Cloud platform helps marketers generate statistics and real-time reports for every action executed on the platform. You can metrics related to website visitors, reach of marketing campaigns, social media visitors, and more. The number of prospects and customers gained at every step of the journey.

Audience Segmentation

Through Marketing Cloud’s Data Extension, all of the company’s data is at your disposal to be used as an interaction point in the customer journey.

The data stored in PMS, ERP, website and SalesForce CRM is synchronized in real-time and made available for all marketing ventures.  

Salesforce DMP will help you direct your marketing efforts towards the target audience through information gathering, augmentation with third-party data and segmentation.

AI Functionality

AI Functionality

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers extended support for Salesforce Einstein AI functionality that provides predictive data analytics to determine the right time to send emails to customers to generate maximum engagement. It lets you know what segments your campaigns are over-impacting so that you can strategize your emails for optimal performance.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Effectively create and implement a personalized, consistent 360-degree customer experience across all marketing channels
  • Engage in 2-way conversations with existing and potential customers
  • Reach prospective customers quickly through the right channels at the right time
  • Build a strong bond with the customers and earn their loyalty

What company es can adopt Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform is open to companies of all sizes. Salesforce makes customized and tailored solutions packages to suit small businesses, medium companies and large enterprises.

Expertise needed to implement Salesforce  Marketing Cloud and how Neuronimbus can help

To achieve success in Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation, you will need a trusted partner with development expertise in the Salesforce cloud platform.

Neuronimbus cloud engineering solutions believe in the immense value cloud services can bring to a business. We assist throughout the Salesforce Marketing Cloud services implementation cycle right from ideation to support.

⮚ Our professional and trained Salesforce consultants will work with you to identify marketing objectives, processes before charting out the implementation plan. 

⮚ If you are an existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer, our team can analyze its performance.

⮚ Our creative team of experts and deployment specialists can help you create effective marketing campaigns through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools.

⮚ If you are transitioning your services from another platform to Salesforce Cloud, our team can help in the migration process.

⮚ Once Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation is underway, our support team will work in tandem to identify the impact of marketing strategies and campaigns and make any tweaks if necessary.

Final Words…

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the most effective ways to implement your marketing initiatives. It is a unique tool for devising automated, personalized strategies. The tool offers endless possibilities that can empower businesses and transform the way they run campaigns, project their brand and interact with the customers. 

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