Business Survival : How PPC Can Help You Overcome Economic Crisis

Agile, assessable, and cost-effective ideas to market in challenging times.

Demand is dissolving rapidly for some markets, many unable to fulfill orders. Businesses are searching for clues to rejuvenate and improve the situation.

Several questions are churning in the marketing minds worldwide like how many people are searching for a product online, how many are visiting the marketplace, how many are buying, what exactly are they interested in, how soon the brick store will open, and by when will the foot traffic resume to a healthy state.

We may have some good news for you. PPC campaigns can help you revive your business and support its survival. Search Engine Marketing is measurable, pliable, and cost-effective when done correctly. It can deliver extraordinary results when supervised with timely trends and shifting data models.

We took the pain and analyzed the report by Oberlo to find key stats for your e-commerce business.


Having all the key metrics at your disposal before making marketing decisions is vital in creating successful and cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Business Survival : How PPC can help you overcome economic crisis - Dashboard

Dashboards are informative yet ineffective for the current crisis without insights into the COVID situation. Our experts have identified some essential elements that can help you create successful PPC campaigns.

    • Basic elements of a dashboard. Like your media spends by key verticals, the total number of clicks and conversions.
    • A tracker to capture your ad spends and compare how different market segments are spending in response to the current events.
    • Impact of government policies, rules, and regulations on search performance. Duration of regulations, such as store closures that can help you plan effective marketing campaigns.

Different sectors are responding differently to the crisis. Each has a specific set of challenges and solutions. While we would love to explore, analyze, and optimize marketing campaigns for your business, we are going to examine some of the major sectors that were hit the most by the crisis. Let’s look at what is happening in these sectors and what are the things that we can do to nullify the impact.



Lockdowns and social distancing had a severe impact on travel. People are restraining their human nature to escape and explore new places.

But we all know as we feel that this would change as soon as we get back the liberty to travel freely again.

Business Survival : How PPC can help you overcome economic crisis - Hospitality

So what has changed and how to keep your business afloat in the situation?

Travelling provides hope. It is a necessary escape, and people will race as soon as they get the opportunity. There will be huge traffic searching for the best deals, suggestions, and safety concerns.

Stop hard-selling them, as this will hamper your reputation. Identify keywords like safe travel, sanitization facility, the safest place to travel, and hotels that follow safety mandates. Target such keywords and create PPC campaigns around them. Be prepared to give them the perfect offer or deal that they cannot ignore.

Until the time has come to sell, make sure you keep in touch with your previous customers. Let them know you miss them and are hoping to see them soon. You fret about their safety and wish for their good health.



Ecommerce businesses were hit the most, as it covers pretty much everything that is selling online. Search volume shifts have become the core of marketing analysis.

Business Survival : How PPC can help you overcome economic crisis - Hospitality

Here are a few things to keep in mind before spending a fortune to get those customers.

    • Consumer behaviour can be tracked by analyzing periodic search volume shifts.
    • Improve the efficiency of how & when you ship your products.
    • Consider alternatives to your products or services, and analyze their search volumes.
    • Automate your Ads based on your inventory, i.e. reduce ad spends on the products you may run out of soon.
    • Automate your Ads based on the dynamic demand shift.
    • Prioritize products that are selling and update the campaign regularly to avoid overspend and improve ROAS.

Optimize your PPC campaigns by keeping the points mentioned above to boost your sales and improve brand reachability. Carefully analyze the current trends and shift in demand in line with the search volume shift to smartly plan your Ad budget for the future.



COVID cost jobs to a lot of people and others are either on the verge, or have a fear of losing their jobs to it. This fear has pushed big-ticket purchases like buying a new vehicle on hold. Traditionally, purchasing a vehicle demands the satisfaction of an in-person experience of the vehicle. But people aren’t going to the showrooms, and all of this has severely impacted the automotive market.

Business Survival : How PPC can help you overcome economic crisis - Automobile

For people who are buying out of absolute necessity, automakers are relying on basic online shopping. To tackle the situation and boost their sales again, automakers will have to adapt and create an effective online marketing strategy for the automotive industry. PPC campaigns can help them bridge their sales gap and establish that long-due online presence.

Your PPC campaigns should be framed around the safety of making the purchase, financial offers, improved maintenance, and digital support. Instead of focusing your Ads on keywords like “Visit your nearest showroom”, focus them on drive points that are more relatable to the current situation like “virtual showroom” or “touch-free purchase and delivery”.


Let us help you


While we can address only a few industries in the article, the strategies mentioned above apply to almost all market segments where the success adheres to the volume of searches for that particular product or service online.

Demand will never stop, and businesses which plan according to these demands and carry an out of the box thinking process to promote themselves will only survive.

Bring in experts support for your business. Let us help you create the perfect PPC campaigns using creative thinking and years of experience. Talk to us to create an effective PPC campaign that converts.

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Business Survival : How PPC Can Help You Overcome Economic Crisis

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