Hitesh Dhawan Aug 18, 2012

Best Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

Pinterest has over 1.5 million users in India and 48.7 million worldwide. It is made for businesses especially dealing with products. It’s one of those social networks where users look forward to images of different products and most of them are ready to make purchases too. Products related to the retail industry: food, fashion, furniture, art of all kinds etc must use Pinterest to their advantage. Let alone products, even the service industry can use Pinterest successfully.

As Pinterest users are increasing day by day, one needs to focus upon the tools and tricks to get the most out of this platform. Some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Check Pinterest analytics regularly
  2. Make your website (images) “Pinnable” – Add pin it button to the images on your website
  3. Know your audience and influencers
  4. Cross promote your Pinterest business page on other social media networks
  5. Pin content of your niche
  6. Create a set of best hashtags to share with the images
  7. Run “Pin to win!” contests
  8. Post content that your audience prefers
  9. Share Infographics – Upload some interesting and useful Infographics on your business account.
  10. Keep a tab on your competition

Are you too using Pinterest for your business? Has it been beneficial? Feel free to share your experiences in the COMMENT section below!

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