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Answering the Questions – Web Application Development

Development of the internet paved a way for people interested in further expanding the horizon with it. The sphere of web application development is the reason behind the huge expansion and growth. Internet plays a vital role in communication, media, news and various other spheres. Custom web application development is the backbone of these spheres.

Business strategies now go hand in hand with web services. No business can be successful without web applications to back it up. People have started understanding the importance of custom web application development and this is where the future lies.

Let us focus on a few questions to understand better the need of web applications.

Who needs web applications? Why do they need them?

Companies are a major seeker for web apps. Business to business interaction happens all over the world and web apps are the saviors. Various private networks between different organizations exist which let them run their businesses with ease. From making payments to deploying large scale web services, the adaption of web apps is indispensable for the market.

What are the different stages in the custom web application development process?

Whatever is your requirement and whichever web application development company you might opt for, the process of developing a web app is the same.

Step 1 – Contemplating the uniqueness of the project and understanding the direction

Step 2 – Formulating a plan

Step 3 – Development

Step 4 – Testing and support

Let us visit these four steps individually –

Envisioning the direction of the project
This step includes coming together of all the developers to discuss the objective of the project. They should have a clear understanding of the entire landscape so as to achieve what the solution requires. By the end of this phase, there should be a complete documentation of the project available. All the points from the tiniest to the most important should be documented. It should deliver a fair amount of description about the project.

Formulating a plan
This is the time to answer ‘how’ the project will be done. It is important to break down the entire process into small parts and assign a particular amount of dedicated time for that step. Questions like what scripting language is the most appropriate, which features must be included etc. have to be answered here. The project plan and functional specification have to be determined. The project plan, usually referred to as P.P. determines the time-frame for all the events and the tasks to be accomplished. The functional document defines the details of how the application will function and flow.

After the completion of the first two steps, with project plan and functional document ready, the development of the project begins. This is the time for developers to show their magic. Coding, testing and publishing data begins with development. Also, a milestone document is prepared by the development team, which is handed out to the management.  This sheet defines the pre decided dates for the delivery of various milestones of the project.

Testing and support
Bugs, network issues or any other discrepancies are taken care of in this step. It is very important for the stability of the application.

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Answering the Questions – Web Application Development

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