Twitter is always tweaking its services with latest features and visual face-lifts, and recently it has come up with a fresh redesign for web profiles that makes imagery ever more impressive.

Nothing New, we have actually noticed a lot of what’s new on Twitter’s test channels a few months ago, consisting of the large, Google+-like header photo as well as larger Facebook profile pictures. There are various changes to how tweets look like on your user page, as well. You are now able to pin a tweet, forum-style, to the top of your page as a kind of enhancement to your life history, which is less visible in the left-side profile pic setup. Also, your “best tweets,” determined by how much other twitter users have connected with it, will be blown-up to attract attention. Besides, when you’re browsing the profile pages of others, you  are able to now filter out tweets, tweets with photo or video and tweets and replies.

New twitter accounts get the latest design instantly and all existing twitter users will get to see their profile pages change in “the upcoming days.” If you are interested to see what your profile’s in for, take a sneak peak right now at several celeb profiles that have received a special treatment, for example US First Lady Michelle Obama’ profile.


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