The most successful SEO strategies are the ones that use data analytics in order to fine-tune search engine marketing and optimization campaigns. Your web users, unknowingly, tell you a lot about their preferences when they search online and when they navigate your website.

Your search data is the key to identifying underlying user behavior patterns. That’s where search data analytics becomes indispensable for brands. Not only can you improve your search engine visibility, but also can distribute your search engine marketing budgets intelligently once you have a strong analytics capability for your search data.

Neuronimbus takes the pain and complexity out of search data analytics. We understand that you have multiple sources of search data, and will collate everything together into a unified stream of data. We have proven effective methods to enable keyword search volume analysis so that you know what your most valuable customers are searching for.

We will help you leverage analytics to identify what your competitors are doing better than you and then plug those gaps. We will make your search analytics the driver of your focused search engine marketing, via website comparisons, multivariate testing, advertising spend analyses and affiliate market statistical analysis. We will do this, and a lot more, as you focus on what your do best - your business.

Highlights of our Solutions our approach

Neuronimbus offers you a Search Engine Analytics solution that can help you manage your business efficiently.


We’re proud ambassadors of the idea of search data analytics with focus on business success, not for the number crunching. Over 16+ years of our data analytics service experience, we’ve helped brands across industries understand customer journeys online via their search data. Our Google Analytics Certified team is all you need to extract knowledge out of your data.

We’re sure you want your search data analytics to be a bridge between numbers and real measurable business outcomes. That’s precisely the key driver of our search data analytics processes, as we help your business use your data to make better decisions. Traffic volumes from different sources, conversion rates for different campaigns, dwell times and bounce rates - we will bring together every useful piece of information that can help you shape your marketing strategy for the better.


Your business is unique. Trust us, the default configuration of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager may work for a generic business, but not for you. Do not make the mistake of going with the default search data analytics processes because that’s not going to get you any remarkable results.

We will identify the right metrics to measure and will execute the right config changes in your website’s GA and GTM account to make sure you capture the right data, from the right source, at the right time. Our analytics experts than create custom-fit processes for your business managers to find out, via trustworthy data, what’s working and what’s not. That’s as close as it gets to automating data-driven, intelligent decision making for your business.


You can’t trust data you’re not confident about. We specialize in identifying common data collection and analytics mistakes that cause brands to invest search dollars without meaningful results. Expect our search analytics experts to streamline your brand’s search data collection. Accuracy and transparency are the cornerstones of a robust search analytics practice, and we assure you of both.

Our team understands that each business is different, and generic KPIs won’t matter to you. We will collaborate with your marketing leads to identify the most important KPIs and built custom dashboards around them. The result - your marketing think tank will always be a step ahead, with complete visibility of data that tells them what’s working and what’s not. This translates into better search engine marketing, more traffic, more conversions, and more success for your business.

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