The Success Mantra Google Never Meant To Reveal

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Success Mantra

Are you familiar with the invisible grim misery of 9 out of 10 businesses?

They’re unaware of invisible holes in their bottom line, leaking precious currency by the millions. Like everything invisible, this leak is particularly hard to detect, and mend.

It’s the do-everything-ourselves-syndrome.

Inflexible corporate structures and resistance to change are to blame.

Problem: We need to promote the brand on Facebook.

Solution: Start interviewing social media marketing experts and hire a couple to report to the CMO.

Problem: Our website is outdated.

Solution: Tell Janice in HR to start LinkedIn outreach to designers who can

join in a week.

Plainly put, I’m alluding to the mistake of acquiring all skilled workers in the same manner — by recruiting. What follows is misery. The misery of struggling to build what you could have bought quicker and cheaper.

The trendsetters of the business world have known this for long. In 2019 a New York Times report revealed that Google’s 223,000 strong….

Read the full article published on Medium, written by our CEO, Hitesh Dhawan

Read full article published on Medium, written by our CEO, Hitesh Dhawan

Business, CEO Chatter, Entrepreneurship, Startups

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