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Website load time is essential for a better user experience. But most of the time we ignore it to host nifty new features, better aesthetic design, and to add content to the website. Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than these features.

The average user is impatient and hungry and can’t wait to load a page that is taking too long to load, and rightly so. Apart from that, page load time has become more important for search engine rankings.

So, are you wondering how to improve your website speed and page load times? There are many ways to improve your website load time and speed. Among them, CDN (Content Delivery Network) is one of the best ways to not only increase the speed and overall performance of your website but also improve the user. to live.

We can say that the website loads faster = happier customers + more conversions. As browser speed continues to increase, customers or users expect faster performance. Sites with load times greater than 3 seconds can expect bounce rates of 40% or worse. Therefore, retail and e-commerce businesses use CDN (Content Delivery Network) for optimizing the speed of their website. It also helps them deliver content to their potential customers at a faster rate than typically sent through the usual server network.

If you are running a retail business and you are having the same problem, trust a good image CDN provider. Before you jump into the CDN industry to find the best vendor for your eCommerce business, you should first know what CDN is and why is it important for your eCommerce site?

So let’s get started.


What is the Content Delivery Network? 

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a group of servers distributed geographically and located in different parts of the world to store content in the form of video, text, CSS files, HTML pages, and JavaScript files. CDNs retrieve your website content from multiple servers located in different locations around the world. Then the content delivery network delivers content to your visitors or customers through the server closest to them. If users are looking for a page, the CDN closest to them is used to retrieve the information and deliver it quickly.

CDN offers various benefits to eCommerce businesses, such as – 

Selecting CDNs for your business is the best way to prevent spam and malicious attacks on your website. The higher the transfer speed, the faster the website loads on your users’ devices. Besides opening website pages quickly, CDN works wonders in driving high traffic to your website from different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.


Why Should Ecommerce Businesses Adopt CDN?

It can be easy to create an e-commerce site, but it is not always easy to manage a website. Many activities are associated with it, sales to be made, orders to be fulfilled, payments to be received, etc. Hence, it becomes important that your website opens quickly.

Better SEO Ranking

Fast loading web pages is not only important for visitors but also important in driving high traffic to your website. Google’s algorithms adapt to the speed of the developed website. Page rank is evaluated based on how fast the content loads. on your page. When you use CDN, you greatly boost your SEO efforts and can improve your site’s speed and ranking.



Once you’ve embraced CDN, you can speed up your site.


Crash Resistance

CDN adoption becomes important if your website has high traffic. This allows you to distribute 100% of the traffic load on the server instead of going to a single server.


Improved User Experience

A fast-loading site not only improves the user experience, but also helps you retain customers, increase page views, and reduce bounce rates.


How do I choose the right CDN provider?

To provide a better and faster web experience for your users, it is important to contact a reputable content delivery network provider. Many CDN providers are dedicated and committed to delivering unique and better web performance to end-users.

Servers around the world, but have teams of dedicated professionals who have in-depth knowledge to monitor their infrastructure.

Let us help youIn other words, a CDN can take advantage of economies of scale to provide faster, better, and cheaper service than when you depend on your infrastructure. So if you are looking for the best business, Neuronimbus is here to help.

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