Web Design and Development

There is no business in current times that can stay away from the internet and what the web design and development company can do for them is where we come in. So its not just about building a web presence that is the best in design and technology, but we would like to pin the success of the project on ensuring that the website we develop for a business is based on addressing a business requirement and it gets the job done. The website having an intuitive design and good technology to back it up are the paths we take to reach your business goal with the website that our company make.

The technology mix covers technologies like Ajax, CSS, Flash, PHP, .Net, XML, XHTML, etc. and the categories of web development can be listed as

Responsive Web Design

The year 2012 has certainly been the year of the mobile. The mobile penetration continues to increase and more so the reach of smart phones has come to about 50% of all the mobile phones. Now, with this the use of data services

HTML5 development

Education, entertainment, health, business, music, travel, real estate, corporate web development, porfolio web development, blog development and a lot more. All of this can be done with HTML5 web development.

GUI and UX Design

With the overload of multitude of applications, software and automation tools that any individual is now exposed to, what they will use the most or go back to is the one that was the most easy to use.

Mobile Websites

The ever increasing penetration of mobile devices, mobile phones and particularly smart phones has been going on and talked about for some time. The evolution of the mobile space into an engaging and interactive ecosystem

Website Maintenance

As they say, ‘Respect is not earned in a single day’. Maintaining your online presence is as important as building it. Creating a website does not finish the task. Maintainig the web space owned is equally important.

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