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NeuroTransform is a tailored bundle of eCommerce solutions that empowers digital sales and effectively connects your business with its customers.

the right eCommerce platform & a reliable eCommerce solutions partner are the pillars for a successful digitally powered business

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is for you, if?


You need platforms and technologies that can accommodate business’ needs & appeal to customers.


You need a digital partner that understands the nuances and intricacies of setting up an eCommerce platform.


You plan to invest your time in managing and growing the business, and let the experts handle technicalities.


You are determined to get positive business outcomes while onboarding latest technology & strategies.

How we will create the perfect eCommerce experience for your business and your customers?

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eCommerce today is much more than just any website. The digital commerce model is your security against anything that can bring your business to a grinding halt. Neuronimbus is an eCommerce solution specialist that offers much more than just your store-front design. We analyze & strategize the best suitable eCommerce platform to empower your business.

Offering eCommerce Website & Mobile App on
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Sitecore
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Hybrid
  • BigCommerce
  • Custom Dev

Add Essential Integrations

Helping our clients to avoid some of the most common integration pitfalls. We ensure the essential engines for integration and appropriately assess in terms of scope, complexity and cost and that the implementation is seamless and error-free.

  • Conversational Marketing via AI Chatbots
  • Marketing Automation Solutions like CRMs
  • Data Intelligence
  • Inventory Management System
  • Analytics Management

Utilize Your Customer Data

In an increasingly customer-centric world, the ability to capture and use customer insights to shape products, solutions, and the buying experience is critically important.

Research says that organizations that leverage customer insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin

  • Conversational Marketing via AI Chatbots
  • Marketing Automation Solutions like CRMs
  • Data Intelligence
  • Inventory Management System
  • Analytics Management

neuro CRM

Neuro CRM is a responsive CRM for your business that quickly adapts to diverse industries and organizational formats. It can allow the business to capture, manage and assess consumer feedback as it happens.

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Now that your eCommerce platform is up & running, you need to connect it with the correct audience and in a correct way (Digital Channels). Now that your eCommerce platform is up & running, you need to connect it with the correct audience and in a correct way (Digital Channels).


For a successful business, you need to be visible on platforms where your potential customers look for solutions. That’s what SEO does for you. Think of SEO as the total of all processes you put in place to make your website visible on search engines like Google or Bing, to boost visibility, web traffic, business potential, and revenue.


It refers to harnessing the capabilities of the internet search engines to enhance the online presence of the business using paid sources to get the maximum number of users to visit your site. You need to keep pace with the changing algorithms of the search engines to maximize the ROI within an optimal time span.


Social media marketing involves creating and distributing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social media algorithms can very accurately identify your target groups, and target your ads to these groups, amplifying effectiveness and driving positive results.


Programmatic Advertising helps us analyse our customers' timings (their actual timings!). A way to automatically buy and optimize digital campaigns, rather than buying directly from publishers. It’s designed to replace human negotiations with machine learning and AI-optimization.

What is

neuro transform

in a Nutshell

Paired with some brilliant digital experts, our digital transformation team has devised an integrated eCommerce solution plan exclusive to your business.

End-to-End Solutions

Creating seamless digital experience integrated with next-gen marketing ideas, that nurtures both your customers as well as your brand.

Quality Experience

Unmatched experience of more than 17 years, makes us a pioneer in the field of digital transformation. We have an impressive list of globally renowned & satisfied.

Dedicated Team of Experts

NeuroTransform brings a dedicated team of digital experts, who have expertise in the design, development, optimisation & advertiment of an eCommerce Business.

Process for Success

We begin with developing a digital strategy that guarantees online success, to deliver a unique user experience & a natural brand voice.

Business-Centric Perspective

While we live in our tech world and think and breathe digital, we understand that business needs are more customer-centric and more about their users.

Progressive Approach

We always endeavor to follow the evolving digital trends and make them a part of our strategy. Absorbing the best available to develop fresh & accurate solutions.

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