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Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service - these are the pillars of business success. Retaining and delighting customers through effective customer relationship management - that’s the goal all businesses pursue. A dependable Customer Relationships Management system eases the process, automates most tasks, keeps costs low, and yields measurably awesome results.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provide every business with the necessary suite of tools to manage customer interactions. CRM software boosts productivity and improves customer services for your business, paving the way for sustainable success and customer lifetime value (CLV) maximization.

With a smart CRM solution, your business can enjoy benefits like:

  • Happier customers, because of effective interactions
  • Increased customer retention and customer satisfaction
  • Automatic contact management

Neuronimbus’s proprietary CRM solution, NeuroCRM, is everything you need in a tool to transform your business into a ‘customer-centric’ brand. Our insatiable hunger to adopt new technologies has led us to create an agile and responsive real-time CRM management software - NeuroCRM.

NeuroCRM is empowering businesses like yours to effectively capture customer interactions under a single digital roof. The platform has built-in workflows that engage key customer-centric personnel in your business to manage specific aspects of each customer interaction.

Businesses are improving their customer relationships via NeuroCRM’s built-in automation, intuitive and custom report building, and data-driven marketing inputs. Save hundreds of hours with automated tracking of customer feedback, complaints management, and customer behavior pattern analysis while you focus on other key activities.

areas of interest

Harness the possibilities to drive your business and passion to new heights, in new ways with our expertise in following areas.


NeuroCRM is a powerful CRM for small and medium-sized businesses and doubles up as a lead generation powerhouse. Use the tool to build customizable lead capture forms that can work with multiple channels (offline, mobile, app, and web). It’s a unified platform that automatically organizes customer data, and sends follow-up notifications to the leads.

Use NeuroCRM to speed track your business’ sales process. Real-time updates ensure that you’re getting accurate information across all platforms to follow-up or close the deal with prospects. Sales that take weeks can be closed in days with the powerful capabilities of NeuroCRM.

Sales reporting and profiling are advanced key features of NeuroCRM. The sales report includes major KPIs like message open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, etc. The CRM pulls data streams across all communication channels, building a single source of truth for your business.

Looking to cross-sell and need profiling of a lead for targeted communication? NeuroCRM has got you covered. This, and a lot more, right from automation of customer personnel tasks to setting up advanced workflows that make processes agile.


NeuroCRM’s range of features breathes new life into your business. It captures and analyses customer data from multiple platforms and creates proper customer segmentation to make your marketing communications campaigns successful.

By automating several tasks of your marketing campaigns, NeuroCRM reduces the campaign costs. As you focus on other key operations, the CRM smartly gathers campaign data, analyzes, and makes forecasts and predictions, and carries out adjustments in process flows to enable more success.

NeuroCRM automatically filters through the client database to funnel-out targeted audience lists for specific marketing campaigns. Combining CRM’s communication tools with customer life-cycle and data segmentation enables your business to deliver personalized messages to your customers. A personalized message through email, SMS, or app push notification can improve response rates manifolds.

While you can track the conversion rate through intuitive reporting, you can also re-use or reject set campaigns for a fresh audience. Reusing the campaign provides dual benefits in terms of reduction in campaign cost and time.


Optimize your business’ customer service and take it to the next level with NeuroCRM. The ‘support request’ feature lets customers submit service requests, suggestions, or complaints, with minimal intervention from a sales/support representative, making the process seamless.

The multi-channel availability of NeuroCRM means it reliably captures requests across all the platforms like SMS, mobile app, web, call-center, and location. Build consumer trust, loyalty, and provide them with amazing customer experience, in a scalable manner, with NeuroCRM.

Another stunning feature of NeuroCRM is the self-help feature that lets the customers log in and raise a service-specific request. The CRM can be easily integrated into your business’ ERP solutions for product/service purchase information.

Automatic ticket generation assigns a unique ID to all the tickets and can map all support requests to the respective departments. By automating service processes and customer ticket generation, the tool reduces response time and eliminates human errors while giving accurate information.


Listening to and understanding your customers is a tedious task, something that NeuroCRM automates for you. You can build customizable feedback forms to understand and capture your consumer’s feedback via physical locations, call centers, mobile apps, and web, and bring all the info into the CRM.

The system understands and identifies negative feedback from positive feedback, and initiates a suitable resolution process based on the understanding. By assigning interactions to escalation matrices for timely response to feedback, NeuroCRM customizes the customer feedback workflow.

Make the most of the NPS score calculator and customer satisfaction index to delight the customers. This can be augmented by offering loyalty/rewards points to your customers that can be redeemed online for purchases.

NeuroCRM has a central repository for collecting and storing company data like videos and user documents. Our product is even ready to be integrated with cloud-based IVR and lets the clients sign up with their social accounts.


Our product is as smart as any other CRM in the market because it is always learning and growing with your business. NeuroCRM is a light, flexible, and nimble CRM that can be modified to suit your business’ needs.

Every business has unique client management, CRM, and business practices, you can customize NeuroCRM to suit your business by choosing specific modules or the entire suite. Managing and exporting/importing data is quick and easy, as is migrating from your existing CRM to NeuroCRM.

Implementing a new system is rarely seamless! We at Neuronimbus believe in simplicity, that’s why our teams use a methodology that ensures a timely and seamless implementation.

With automated data extraction and export, we make sure that your employees spend minimal time staring at the screen and more on interacting with leads and customers. NeuroCRM is ready to be integrated with your business’ mobile app and can build additional mobile-specific features with short implementation time. Supercharge all your customer interactions like never before with NeuroCRM.

best practices

We have a number of approaches set as our protocols that help streamline our Mobile App Development operations, and these protocols represents the most efficient course of for your business.

  • Intuitive UI/UX Designs
  • Excellent Utility, Guaranteed
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Custom App Development
  • Budget-Friendly & Quick Development Process

Count on us to strike the right balance between functionality and app design with a comprehensible, simple, and convenient user interface. While building app prototypes, we keep your app user’s needs and desires in focus. The result - mobile apps that deliver a positive user experience. Our user-centric approach is aimed at improving accessibility, usability, and engagement.

Your end-users expect an app that solves their problems. We specialize in delighting users with enriching mobile app experiences by building intuitive onboarding processes and navigation paths. To boost conversions and customer satisfaction, we conduct usability studies for your app’s target group, translate the lessons into app design, and in this way, ensure that they value the utility that the app brings.

Our cross-platform mobile app development services are focused on accessibility. Regardless of the hosting environment, our app developing team will build secure, scalable, and sustainable apps for your business. Our cross-platform digital asset building processes help us build apps that reduce costs and time-to-market without compromising on the appeal.

We help you win the trust of your customers by enabling multi-layer encryption for watertight security and seamless mobile experiences. Leverage the power of two-step verification, biometric authentication, and facial recognition technologies to secure your app for user security. Instill users’ confidence in your mobile app by securing customer data with multi-layer data encryption and risk analysis.

Our mobile app development teams bring together technical and business experts who understand the nuances of your business processes before designing solutions. While designing a custom-app, we pride ourselves in offering speed to market, quality assurance, and process transparency. Our development team, BA experts, and R&D work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to develop a custom app that evolves along with your business.

From absorbing your business app ideas and developing winning solutions to help you outrun your competition, we’re your trusted partners. Our agile development processes enable us to treat errors and bugs at every stage by actively engaging with project lead and pilot users from your side. Our teams are empowered to make data-driven decisions based on insights from market research and business experience; the result - no nasty roadblocks in the development process. Latest Insights

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