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Chatbots are AI-powered, self-guiding chat programs that can be integrated with websites and popular messaging platforms. They have the power of managing a conversation with customers or page visitors via automated chat messaging. Chatbots are helping businesses like yours to initiate a conversation or online chat and instantaneously respond to questions asked by your customers in the most ‘human-like’ way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots have the ability to extract meaning out of unstructured text inputs, differentiate between positive & negative feedback, and respond objectively, with the aim of solving customer queries and enabling information-based user actions. Chatbots use AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to manage text conversations with users, with minimal or no human intervention.

Chatbot solutions are assisting modern businesses to actively engage customers, by initiating conversations, answering questions, presenting information, and even guiding user action. A chatbot saves immensely by providing perineal customer service, which is way more effective than employing people to provide 24/7 technical support.

We at Neuronimbus have garnered years of experience in artificial intelligence and created an NLP-based chatbot development solution - NeoBot. NeoBot is programmed by brilliant minds at Neuronimbus to carry out multiple tasks and converse as humanly as possible with the end-users. Developers at Neuronimbus enable your business to use NeoBot for augmenting processes like customer care, human resources, retail, sales & marketing, and workspace productivity.

NeuroBot offers your business the ability to build a constant and intelligent stream of communication with your target audience across multiple channels. Our chatbot solution is flexible and uses advanced AI and ML models to handle customer text communications effectively. Our product is designed to improve the user experience for your customers by automating an NLP-based easy-to-use web chat and messaging service. NeuroBot empowers you to upscale your support operations by freeing staff to handle more complex queries and challenges.

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Harness the possibilities to drive your business and passion to new heights, in new ways with our expertise in following areas.


AI is Artificial Intelligence. For the NeuroBot, AI is ‘always improving’. NeoBot uses AI and NLP to understand your customers’ natural language, and then uses ML-based models to extract meaning from texts and to draft accurate and relevant responses. NeuroBot’s ability to learn continually from all customer interactions, link back to older conversations, and connect with other info sources to offer an improved resolution to queries, makes it an impactful solution for all businesses.

Traditionally, chatbots were designed merely for customer service. NeoBot can be trained for converting website visitors into qualified leads and then converting that to sales. Also, the bot can connect a lead to the sales team, when it’s unable to convert in a fixed number of interactions on its own. NeoBot also uses deep learning to gather information from high volumes of data to help your business understand consumer interactions.


We understand the chaos that integrating new platforms can create for businesses. That’s why NeoBot is designed for hassle-free integration with your business’s applications and data sources. This means that the chatbot solution easily integrates with your legacy or custom-built CRM, SFA, and ERP systems to access proper data points that enable it to frame logical responses to complex consumer queries.

Integrating NeoBot with your existing systems results in a rich conversational interface that gives your customers responses to all types of queries, hence improving user experience. Our chatbot solution is designed to keep the modern business in mind. NeuroBot can work seamlessly on your company website and social media accounts, thus amping up your customer support competence.


A marquee feature of NeoBot is its WhatsApp API that powers your business to communicate with all prospects in a simple, secure, and reliable way. The chatbot doesn’t push the customer to opt for this service, it sends them a consent request for service opt-in request. On confirmation from the user, your business can use WhatsApp and connect with users on the messaging app they use most often.

As 1 billion users are active daily on WhatsApp, the WhatsApp API feature helps you connect with more prospects faster and work on resolving common queries instantly. Our AI-based chatbot solution uses NLP and ML to automate the online chat process with your customers by providing set message templates for common conversations. NeoBot amps up WhatsApp conversations from being one-way via push notifications to being a two-way stream for excellent customer interaction.


Users share a lot of information in interactions with the chatbot and NeoBot uses this data to generate reports that help you understand your end-users better. The automated report saves your company the time, resources, and money spent on manual analysis and reporting. NeoBot is capable of generating conversion reports, and customer reports based on age, activity, devices, and location. These customer/demographic reports come-in handy when designing marketing campaigns as they help your business have the complete data of the target audience.

The chatbot solution is designed to instantly calculate engagement metrics like engagement growth rate, monetization metrics, user retention rate, and people metrics which could drain your energy when generated manually. NeoBot also breaks down the opt-in/opt-out numbers to show who’s using your services and who is opting out due to an issue or complaint.


We understand the importance of conserving and protecting your users’ data. NeuroBot protects its data through SSL configuration and rigorous data encryption methods. We implement multiple layers of encryption that provide watertight security for your customer’s data. We focus on industry regulatory framework for advanced data protection.

Every interaction through NeoBot is data-driven and engaging for the end-user building a serious brand reputation for your business. NeoBot helps your business build the best possible messaging experience across all channels for your customers by offering an omnichannel platform. The chatbot can be pugged-into all popular channels like messenger, websites, email, mobile apps, and WhatsApp which strengthens your business’s customer engagement and reachability on social media.

best practices

We have a number of approaches set as our protocols that help streamline our Mobile App Development operations, and these protocols represents the most efficient course of for your business.

  • Intuitive UI/UX Designs
  • Excellent Utility, Guaranteed
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Custom App Development
  • Budget-Friendly & Quick Development Process

Count on us to strike the right balance between functionality and app design with a comprehensible, simple, and convenient user interface. While building app prototypes, we keep your app user’s needs and desires in focus. The result - mobile apps that deliver a positive user experience. Our user-centric approach is aimed at improving accessibility, usability, and engagement.

Your end-users expect an app that solves their problems. We specialize in delighting users with enriching mobile app experiences by building intuitive onboarding processes and navigation paths. To boost conversions and customer satisfaction, we conduct usability studies for your app’s target group, translate the lessons into app design, and in this way, ensure that they value the utility that the app brings.

Our cross-platform mobile app development services are focused on accessibility. Regardless of the hosting environment, our app developing team will build secure, scalable, and sustainable apps for your business. Our cross-platform digital asset building processes help us build apps that reduce costs and time-to-market without compromising on the appeal.

We help you win the trust of your customers by enabling multi-layer encryption for watertight security and seamless mobile experiences. Leverage the power of two-step verification, biometric authentication, and facial recognition technologies to secure your app for user security. Instill users’ confidence in your mobile app by securing customer data with multi-layer data encryption and risk analysis.

Our mobile app development teams bring together technical and business experts who understand the nuances of your business processes before designing solutions. While designing a custom-app, we pride ourselves in offering speed to market, quality assurance, and process transparency. Our development team, BA experts, and R&D work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to develop a custom app that evolves along with your business.

From absorbing your business app ideas and developing winning solutions to help you outrun your competition, we’re your trusted partners. Our agile development processes enable us to treat errors and bugs at every stage by actively engaging with project lead and pilot users from your side. Our teams are empowered to make data-driven decisions based on insights from market research and business experience; the result - no nasty roadblocks in the development process. Latest Insights

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