Enterprises are set to experience huge surges in the volumes of their unstructured data. To remain competitive in the global market, your business has to collate this data, understand trends and patterns it represents, and use the knowledge to make better decisions. Data engineering capabilities make it possible for businesses to optimize processes and be ready for the future through data-driven and reliable precognition.

Neuronimbus has helped businesses of all sizes make sense of their massive volumes of data. Our data engineering team brings together data technology experts to create excellent tools for big data analysis. Our services include data acquisition, storage, and creating data pipelines for predictive modeling. We build sophisticated data systems that eventually help bring about better business outcomes.

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Neuronimbus offers you a Data Engineering solution that can help you manage your business efficiently.


We specialize in accumulating data from different sources through the latest data mining techniques. Your business needs a data processing capability that makes the acquisition, processing, and presentation of information seamless.

We draw information from all your data sources and then clean and collate it. Expect deep insight into your end-users’ persona and behavior because of the data analyses our tools enable. This information makes it possible for you to develop products that resonate with their needs.


We set up data pipelines that incorporate information from your CRM, ERP, flat file systems, SaaS, and other applications. Our ETL pipelines use advanced platforms to allocate inputs from data lakes into relevant data warehouses for easier modeling.

To make sure your business saves time and money while benefiting from the data service, we ensure your data pipelines are connected with public domain information systems. One of the objectives we work on is to build a cogent structure that receives data across formats, from all platforms, and readies it in the form of absorbable information.


It is tempting to accommodate all your data into decision-making models. However, this often overburdens data analysis efforts with inputs that are irrelevant. We help your business become data-driven with efficient modeling at three levels – physical, conceptual, logical.

The models we build allow your business to clearly process and analyze data without any possibility of omissions and redundancy. From RDBMS to HDFS systems, our expertise spans the entire technological spectrum. The projects we have executed display precision and flexibility, providing your business the path to growth, riding on your power to make use of your data.


Remember, data is a highly sensitive asset, and you need to remain compliant with data protection laws and regulations. Our active data governance services ensure your data remains accurate, reliable, and tamper-proof.

Our data management strategy is entirely in line with GDPR and would never expose you to any liabilities. We not only set up your data framework but also assist your business to learn to navigate this entirely new aspect of management through training in data governance.

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