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In an innovation-driven business world, AI and ML are game-changers. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) breathe intelligence into systems, augment faster decision-making, and eliminate human errors.

ML models are helping businesses to automate tasks, increase productivity, and achieve higher scalability. AI-based solutions are providing error-free problem-solving at lower costs. Moreover, AI and ML are also enabling companies like yours to work smarter.

How can your company leverage the power of AI/ML and enable digital transformation? By building highly-customized solutions that run on advanced ML algorithms. These algorithms can process your business data to generate data-driven insights, enabling better decision making.

We at Neuronimbus believe that AI and ML are powerful next-gen technology solutions. Our teams are dedicated to help your business build, implement, adopt, and utilize AI and ML solutions for better business outcomes. We combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence to build solutions that give your business an enduring success.

As ML and AI experts, we develop application components that can process enormous data within a very short period of time. Our team of AI experts and technology consultants is laser-focused on providing your business with smart custom- AI/ML solutions.

Our understanding of people and business processes has helped us develop and successfully deploy AI/ML solutions for various industries. This gives us the ability to collaborate with your teams, understand your business needs, and your customers to provide business-specific solutions.

In the last couple of years, Neuronimbus has set the benchmark for AI software and ML custom applications. We enable businesses to grow manifolds by optimizing operations, workflow efficiency, and performance.

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Harness the possibilities to drive your business and passion to new heights, in new ways with our expertise in following areas.


Data is a core asset for your business. For us, data lakes are beyond just a large storage repository for raw data. We extract actionable insights from data lakes through business-specific data search and AI-powered analytics techniques.

Our enterprise data lake (EDL) service uses ML algorithms that make intelligent predictions, identify data patterns, and provide fraud intelligence by “learning” from the existing data. How do we help you along your journey? We understand that handling massive amounts of company data isn’t easy, that’s why we provide you with a user-friendly console to search and request datasets for your business needs.

Worried about the security of your data? Don’t worry, we assure the complete safety of your data with multi-layer encryption. Your data’s security is our critical priority, that’s why we design the overall security infrastructure (encryption, access control, and network-level security) simultaneously with the data lake.


AI-based data architecture helps businesses stay relevant, agile, and competitive in the market. Our data architects leverage their expertise in AI/ML to build and implement AI-based data architecture for business intelligence. Your business can make the most of data architecture services that provide concrete data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.

Our data architecture solutions benefit your business with excellent customer insights, cost-effective operations, agile business strategies. and improved sales performance. We are dedicated to understanding your business’s composite (mixed) data patterns before choosing the right data architecture solution and tools.

By offering a ‘custom-made’ data modeling tool, Nueronimbus helps your business encounter problems like complexity in access controls and business data. Our effective practice reduces setup and planning costs. Expect our architects to make data management hassle-free for your business, for the times to come.


ML has enabled businesses to stay a step ahead with predictive decision making with ML-based business intelligence. Let your business benefit from machine learning algorithms that analyze data sets, and identify trends & patterns in the data.

You can cash-in on tailor-made ML models that empower your business by “learning” from past data and improving future performance. From data collection & pre-processing to the deployment of training models - we do it all. We emphasize on understanding your business objectives & data distribution, before analyzing suitable.

ML algorithms to deploy successfully. With the power of predictive algorithms, your business can eliminate data duplicity, automate data entry, identify insights on data, and prevent fraud. Once deployed, our ML solutions make smart predictions via deep learning, empowering your business with better decision making.


AI-based natural language processing utilizes next-gen statistical techniques that analyze and identify parts of speech and text to predict the human sentiments conveyed by them. NLP is about humans and machines conversing with each other, and turning unstructured data (speech or text) to structured data (relational database), and vice-versa.

Our approach is to use ML and AI to find relationships and insights in the text that can be put to work for your business. From personalized search results to virtual assistance, we’ve made revolutionary progress in interpreting human languages and behavior patterns.

While designing NLP platforms, our focus is on human intent that recognizes the underlying meaning behind the words said. We offer AI/ML-based text analytics, sentiment analysis, and intent analytics solutions that understand human language. Your business can utilize AI-based NLP that learns sentiments in swathes of text to differentiate between a positive customer interaction or a negative review.


AI-based computer vision and image processing have managed to take business analytics to higher ground. With AI-based computer vision, it's easy to categorize visual content according to their content and identify specific objects within them.

We amalgamate AI and ML with computer vision to simplify inventory management, business imaging, and quality control to amplify your business process KPIs. Your business is moving at a rapid pace that’s why we design AI computer vision for businesses to detect objects from images and videos within a fraction of a second.

We are all about giving your business the right scalable solution combining computer vision and image processing. Enjoy the power of AI as it automates the tedious process of image detection, sorting, and analysis while eliminating redundant data.

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