Managed Amazon Web Services

A major brand in itself, Amazon enjoys immense popularity and connect with all its customers. It is therefore no surprise that Amazon Web services are regarded as the best in market and ideal cloud solution to help mid to large enterprise to create an infrastructure that will ensure a more robust and dynamic business environment. Through AWS cloud computing platform, organization can build their own application in a manner that suits them the most, irrespective of their industry or portfolio. AWS cloud computing has many benefits that will ensure not just proper management of time and money but will also help business to manage their infrastructure in a more comprehensive and sustained manner.

A digital marketing company with diverse experience, Neuronimbus understands that only the best solutions can truly empower and sustain an organization in tough competitive times. Additionally, investing in Amazon Web services ensures that you have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable set of administrators, cloud engineers and technicians who can customize various solutions in line with your the goals and objectives while ensuring the best standards in performance, reliability and security.

Application Hosting

Amazon EC2
Auto Scaling
Elastic Load Balancing
Amazon WorkSpaces

Networking & CDN

Amazon VPC
Amazon Route 53
Amazon CloudFront

Deployment & Management

AWS Identity and Access Management
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS CloudFormation

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