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A good quality education should be the fundamental right of every child, individual in this world and we hope that someday it will come to that.

Coming back to the global education industry, the introduction of web solutions and the internet have brought about a paradigm shift in education content development and delivery models. So now a student in USA who is looking for some additional help in subjects like mathematics can get tutored by competent teachers sitting in India with the ability to see and interact with the teacher and have tutoring sessions that are as close as being done in person.

We have worked in the education for quite some time now and have developed solutions for schools, colleges, universities and e-learning platforms. Neuro@Education is another such important initiative that has been taken up with a specific focus on educational institutions and the e-learning space.

Neuro@Education – Solutions

What follows under this head are the details about the various services that we offer under the bouquet of Neuro@Education