Hire Magento Developer

Dedicated Magento Developer for Your E-Commerce Portal

Magento development is at boom at this point of time due to a rise in demand for e-commerce websites and apps. It is one of the best solutions that you can get for all your e-commerce needs.

Magento e-commerce platform has various advantages such as

  • The community edition is free for all users
  • It is scalable so you can add new features easily
  • Magento has thousands of extensions and the possibilities are endless
  • A fast growing community of Magento developers

Advantages of hiring a dedicated resource from Neuronimbus –

  • We have various projects listed in our notebook that we have completed so far.
  • With only a team of 9 people we have worked wonders for brands like whirlpool, Nikon, HCL and many more and we are still expanding.
  • Magento is a flexible and feature rich open source platform and we utilize it to the core.
  • We develop custom themes, extensions and plugins.
  • We ponder only on your success.