Leonardo Olive Oil

Design and Development, SEO, Social Media

Leonardo Olive oil is a brand owned by Cargill India and is one of the leading olive oil brands in the country which has gained the status of a market leader over the years.


Bringing a new taste to Indian food and the indian pallete

Exploring the potential of digital for an FMCG brand and what happened was a great result for the brand.


To give the brand its due and create a digital asset that could communicate with the TG the way ATL was doing


Leonardo Olive oil as a brand was not positioned that effectively on the digital space and there was an absence of a key digital asset. For an oil brand in food space and that too an olive oil the website had to have the right mix of content, design and communication to deliver on the promise of an intuitive and engaging web presence.


Right from building the correct strategy of answering the ``why do we need a website`` to ``what do we do after we have one`` the digital strategy team at Neuronimbus built a website for the brand that strongly reflects the brand positioning and through a targeted Search engine optimisation plan delivered this content rich and intuitive website to the targeted audience.

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