Why do I require a website?

You or your company should have a website to enhance corporate image, improve client service, come across new prospects, enhance visibility, execute business dealings and expand your market.

I want to get a website designed but where do I start?

Following are the basic inputs that you are required to offer to any web designing firm:

  • Make a decision on what you need to show on the web.
  • What are your objectives or what do you wish to accomplish.
  • How do you want your website to look like?
  • Mail us your ideas and we will contact you with our proposal.
  • And lastly, we are always at your side to provide accurate as well as innovative inputs.

I already have a website, however I’d like to give it a more professional look. Will you be able to assist?

For sure. We will act upon this by analyzing your requirements, taking information regarding the major services you offer and eventually use our expertise to design the final outcome.

How much does a website cost?

Well, it will be determined according to the type of site being designed. It moreover depends on how many pages you want to include. Furthermore, it will entirely depend on the man ­hours taken as well as the features included in your website.

What is your payment process?

We need half of the installment of the agreement value at the beginning of the project. Once you’ll approve design and complete coding the entire site, then we’ll give you a demo of your site from our server. Following your approval, you are supposed to to pay the remaining installment to allow us to transfer the entire site to your server.

What is the dissimilarity between a “static” & “dynamic” website?

A static website is one that is only written in HTML. Every page is a separate document and there is no database that it falls back on. What this means practically is that the only manner to edit the site is to enter every page and edit the HTML ­ therefore you’d either have to execute it yourself through a web page editor or we are able to edit the site every time you want to change something.

A dynamic website is written via more complex code and can perform a lot more. E­Commerce &news websites are few examples of dynamic websites. This is for the reason that every page is designed based on the info in a database, and the information in that database can be changed through some other interface.

A lot of clients go for a combination, having few dynamic areas for example, a product catalogue where they are supposed to change information or pictures on a regular basis, and leave other pages like contact information as static pages.

How much time it takes to deliver the project?

This totally depends on the size of the project. Therefore, a correct period of time can be given only after studying and understanding the requirements of the client.

Is your design / development SEO friendly?

We strictly act in accordance with various search engine as well as webmaster guidelines to make your site SEO friendly.

Do you provide SEO Services? How much it costs?

Yes, we do. We initially offer FREE basic search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. We have various packages depending on your targeted keywords, your current web site code, etc. To know more, explore our packages and contact us to know the details!

How social media marketing can help my business?

SMM has a positive influence on your rankings as it enhances your rankings via getting high quality links to your site. Such links being natural as well as organic, search engines love them, as well.

What about copywriting services?

If you want to have impressive content on your website, think about hiring our copywriting services. Your website design is not just the thing that is able to make or break your business, in fact your web content can fetch you high sales conversion rates.