Social media advertising is a proven effective way to advertise. That’s because social media algorithms can very accurately identify your target groups, and target your ads to these groups, amping up effectiveness and driving positive results. The process is driven by tech that works behind the scenes, letting you reach out to millions of users in a matter of minutes.

Small businesses that utilize social media advertisements have seen up to 120% return on investments in their ads. Social media advertising is your expressway to success. While every brand has access to the same technology that makes social media ad campaigns so effortless, the secret sauce is the skilful strategy that defines the key choices of your ad campaigns.

Neuronimbus helps you strategize your social media marketing and manage your online reputation. Trust our social media marketing wizards as they bring together all components of a successful ad strategy to ensure that your brand’s digital reach rockets to the top, on the social platforms of your choice.

We know what it takes to cut through the clutter by creating customized campaigns as unique as your business. Identifying your target demographics, creating advertisement copy, setting up the back-end configuration for the ad campaign, monitoring and fine-tuning for maximum effect - we do all this, and more.

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Neuronimbus offers you a Social Media Advertising solution that can help you manage your business efficiently.


It is imperative for your business that your target group always has a visibility of your online presence. It begins with a well-informed selection of social media channels where your most valuable customers spend their time. That is where we step in. Our team offers you social media ad campaign management for all major platforms.

By the time you decide to advertise on social media, you would have already built a brand identity. Trust us to understand your brand’s positioning and then create dependable social media ad campaigns that build upon that. Remember, your ads reflect your brand’s values, and that’s why you should only trust professionals for your social media ad campaigns.


We believe in the virtue of taking the guesswork out of social media ad campaigns and strive to do so with the aid of our proven effective social listening processes. Our experts will put processes in place to ensure we know the sentiment of social conversations surrounding your industry, your brand, and your products. This proves to be invaluably useful for optimizing ad messaging.

Whether your prospects spend their time on Facebook Comments, or post Instagram Stories, we know how to collate all the information, run sentiment analysis on it, and reveal the core stories that audiences engage with. Our teams will then optimize your ad copies to be in sync with the sentiments we uncover via our social listening processes, paving the way for super effective ad campaigns.


Neuronimbus will help you monitor the key performance indicators (KPI) to let you know how your ads are doing. Expect our teams to work out the most relevant KPIs for your social media ad campaigns and set up robust measurements and reporting processes around them. We are committed to account for every dollar you invest in your social media ad campaigns, so expect measurable improvements in RoIs, campaign after campaign.

We will be monitoring several parameters like audience growth rate, average engagement rate, click-through rate, social media conversion rate, and a lot more. These are fundamental indicators to judge how your target group is interacting with your advertisements. Depending on these indicators we can streamline the campaign to reach maximum reach and interaction on social media platforms.

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