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Social media marketing is the composite of all the marketing activities you conduct over carefully identified social media channels, with the aim to promote positive engagement with a valuable target audience. Irrespective of the demographics of your target audience, it’s certain social media plays a role In their lives. For brands, it’s a no brainer that they need to be present on the channels where their potential customers spend their time.

No matter what kind of image you want to build for your brand, your social media presence is an integral part of the marketing strategy. You can choose a passive approach, offer information that your audience seeks through social media channels, and gain trust. Or you can take the proactive way, and make your brand trending via authoritative and bold social media marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the kind of approach, you need a strategy to tap into the potential of social media marketing.

Neuronimbus is committed to being the bridge between brands and the power of social media. We bring together our staunch belief in organic social media marketing campaigns and our expertise and experience with 16+ years of successful legacy behind us. From identifying the audience that can be targeted to understanding their social media behavior, and formulating a strategy that is more than just guesswork, we deliver the experience and resources you need.

At Neuronimbus, we are driven with a will to help your voice be heard on social media. And not just be heard, heard by the right audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we will never let your brand be left behind. From consulting to implementing, we will be by your side, always. Professionally managed social media marketing can practically define what your brand stands for and elevate the quality of relationships your customers build with your brand. That’s what we do for you.

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Harness the possibilities to drive your business and passion to new heights, in new ways with our expertise in following areas.


At Neuronimbus, strategizing before acting is a rule that we swear by. We know what works and how to implement a social media campaign, but we will never begin without a proper strategy. We study the market and media channels in question, get to know the audience, and understand your brand’s needs. From Facebook to Instagram, and LinkedIn to Twitter, all platforms are included and then we create a future-ready strategy with enough scope for real-time performance enhancements.


This is the final peg of our social media marketing plan. We run thoughtfully crafted and creative ads that have the right mix of all necessary flavors. Targeting the right set of people, written as audience-appropriate marketing copies and posted at the right time, social media ads are our star performers. Advertising on the right channels ensures that brand awareness is built, engagement is increased and above all, clicks translate into leads.

best practices

We have a number of approaches set as our protocols that help streamline our Social Media Marketing operations, and these protocols represents the most efficient course of for your business.

  • An Eye On The Channels, Another on Competitors
  • Organic Campaigns for Stellar Results
  • Paid Performance Enhancers So That You Are Never Behind
  • Never Losing Sight of The Campaigns
  • Managing, Monitoring and Moving Ahead

There is no dearth of social media platforms where you can find followers. But, you need to know where your audience wants to find you. Mindlessly investing time and resources in multiple social media channels will be futile. Before we set sail with your social media strategy, we identify channels with maximum potential. Also, we will never lose sight of your competitors. We not just ensure that you don’t lag in offering the social engagement that your competitors offer, but also create a distinct image for your brand. With thorough competitor and platform analysis, it won’t be long before we will build a noteworthy social presence for you.

Too much or too little can never be effective. Hyperactive or dull brands never achieve the full potential of social media. We fine-tune your content and create a posting schedule that strikes the right balance. Your voice is heard, your audience is engaged and your brand grows. Why organic? Hearts are won with love, not money! Your audience is smart enough to know the difference between facade and facts. Organic content that creates value and offers actual personal engagement is what the audience is attracted to and that is what your brand will offer under our social media campaign!

Okay, so this sounds crazy, isn’t it? We were just talking about winning hearts with love! Well, you can think of paid performance enhancers as a kickstart to your social media campaign. Advertisements on social media platforms and paid collabs with influencers can go a long way in establishing a sound social base. We believe in creating a balance between organic growth and paid campaigns. Under the paid scheme of things, we target specific audiences and run ads that have been successful in rigorous split tests to build a foundation for organic brand building. Synchronizing these ways of social media marketing, we build not just social media presence, but brands.

When you are focusing on increasing the performance of your products or enhancing the satisfaction quotient of your services, we are always on duty. We never lose sight of your social media handles. We are constantly tracking the campaign and implementing optimization measures in real-time. Whether it be your audience or reach or your CTR or leads, from the investment to the returns, we never stop making improvements. No matter how digitized the world becomes, human surveillance is pertinent to effective results and we do just that. Your campaigns are never left unattended and no opportunity for efficacy enhancement is ever lost!

Other than tracking and optimizing the ever-changing dynamics, social media marketing also requires constant monitoring to yield planned results. While it is undoubtedly important that you get heard, it is also important that you hear what your audience says. We always have a fully functional feedback mechanism in place, so that we can manage and monitor reviews, feedback, social chatter, brand mentions, and engagement from various on-going campaigns. We monitor the campaign, manage if something goes haywire and we then move ahead with better actionable insights to yield results like heightened conversions and sky-rocketing ROIs.

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